Social Security Administration

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

My cold hasn’t gone away yet, even though I’m taking it easy and drinking tea and keeping myself warm. Or at least trying. It’s horribly cold here and my frostbite injury popped up again today when I picked up the kids from school. And it got four new friends. Great, that five of my ten fingers now get white and hurts when it’s cold… It was just 50 F (10C) and it has been raining almost all day. The info I got with 10 days of rain per year proved itself to be bullpoop.

I spent all of my freetime today at the Social Security Administration to get my social security number. It took me almost three hours just to leave a piece of paper and answering some questions. I will get my number, eventually. There were some complications because of my long name, Hanna Alexandra Camilla Bemm. The name box in the form allowed only 16 characters and that name must be exactly the same as the one on my visa. So they have to talk with the immigration so I don’t think I will get my number for a while. But that means I have plenty of time to study for my driver license!

Another thing about my middle names and the order of them, is that everyone here (who have all of my names) calls me Hanna. When I was at the au pair training school my teacher called me Hanna, because that’s what it said on the class list. My name is complicated here… Maybe I’ll just start to introduce myself as Hanna. That would have been fun and confusing, haha!

In the afternoon the boy had a playdate with the crazy boy next door. They were at our house, and he wasn’t as crazy as he usually is! But I learned something funny about him from my host mum today. It happens that he clogs the toilet when he is here so she told me to keep an eye on him, haha! Crazy boy!

The girl was preparing herself for the father/daughter dance. She had this cute dress on and were posing like crazy when her mum took photos of here before they went to the dance. The only thing she’s been talking about these last few days are the table of sweets that’s gonna be there. I’m jealous of her. I too want to eat as many cupcakes as I can…

The boy and my host mum went out tonight so I’m in this big house all by myself. I took the car to Bressi Village and ordered takeout at Rubios. First time ever I tried a Fish Taco, it was pretty good! I was thinking of buying some ice cream and watch a movie tonight. But then I remembered why that wasn’t a good idea, beacause my room is freezing and I’ve been cold all day. Another day!

Pancake Friday
I both hate and love pancake Friday. It’s sooo yummie and I’m on a good way of becoming a master at making them. But oh so unhealthy…. I can’t understand how a six-year-old boy can eat 10 when I’m full after 7…
I also found out today why I didn’t get twice as many pancakes when I realized that ~15 wasn’t enough. I just doubled some ingredients, like the eggs and sugar. Haha! Not the important ones like flour and milk. But now I’m aware of it and the next time there will be leftovers for the rest of the family!

Fish Tacos Fish Tacos from Rubios. It was pretty good.

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