Today was really amazing. The kids were so cute and treated me like their best friend. The girl was so talkative and sweet all day (except in the morning, she hates mornings and going to school…). We talked about everything between heaven and earth and she explained a little about how it feels to get a new nanny every year. She said it wasn’t easy and that she didn’t mean anything yesterday. I am glad both of them are becoming so attached to me so fast and not talking about their old au pair. I think that when you have been through this your whole life, you know how to handle the situation, even though you’re just ten and six years old.

In my freetime today I was thinking about trying to find the mall here in Carlsbad. But I felt too bad and went home instead. Bought some candy on the way, watched TV series on the computer and talked with my mum. I have caught a cold (as everyone else in this house). I’ve felt feverish, been soo tired and been sneezing all day. I hope it doesn’t get worse because then it’s gonna be hard working with the energetic kids all day. Especially in the morning when they don’t want to go to school and you have to tell them like 15 times to put their shoes on.

But in the afternoon I felt a little better. Maybe because we went to Starbucks. I tried a White Chocolate Mocha. It was good but didn’t taste white chocolate. The boy wanted a Vanilla Bean frappuccino as usual. I waited a long time and when I asked for it the guy helping we were so embarrased and apologized like he did something horrible and gave me a piece of paper that said that I could have a free beverage whenever I wanted because of the inconvenience. I like Americans!

Dinner was kind of a success! I made pork chops (that’s what it said on the package, but according to my dictionary it’s smoke-cured loin of pork) with mashed potatoes. Since I discovered that you can add broccoli and cauliflower I’ve never had regular mashed potatoes. Today I added broccoli and the kids ate it all withouth almost any nagging. Success!

The Proactiv experiment is going well so far. My skin is already so soft! I have no idea how long it will take until you can see a difference, but I will give it time.

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