The sun is back

I was so happy when I saw that the sky was all blue when I woke up this morning. But I’ve learned these weeks that sun don’t always means warmth. It was really windy and cold, like 65F. But in March I’ve heard it will be warmer, and the only thing in the way is the short month of Febraury. Nice! I am looking forward to hanging out on the beach and playing beach volleyball again!

I had trouble sleeping yesterday, so I’ve been tired today. And the alarmclock, that was already here when I got here, started beeping at 6:15 on the highest volume. The same thing happened last week. Think I need to take a closer look on that clock and stop that torture.

My work out today went really well! I managed to do all of my exercises all by myself except for the deadlift. I asked a guy for help and he gave me a thourough explanation, showed how it was done, and gave me feedback when I tried. That was very nice of him. I don’t think that I would have gotten that service back at my gym in Sweden…
Everything today, included warm up, stretching and cool down took like 75min. That means that I have time for jacuzzi and sauna afterward!

The boy had a friend over in the afternoon, so me and the girl were hanging out. Didn’t do anything special, girl talk and some game playing on my phone.

Now it’s dinner!

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