UCSD Extension

I got an email from UCSD Extension today that made me very happy. I asked about a Sustainability course that might be of equivalence with the Environment and Sustainable Development course I will take in my third year at Chalmers. They said that the course is an evening course, 6pm-9pm once a week during the summer (jun 24 – sep7). And when I asked my host dad if those hours were okay, he said yes! So now I am waiting for a response from my counselor at Chalmers if I can transfer that credit. If I can, that would make me super duper mega happy! The only thing is that the course is kind of expensive, $415. And I only get $500 from my host family and I have to take 3 more credits.

I have found two more courses that interest me: Advanced Pronunciation & Fluency (3 credits, $300) and Advanced Conversation Improvement (0 credits, $200). I think I can turn the hours into credit for the au pair program, but I think it might be too few hours anyway… it’s a one month course. It’s too bad, because that’s the one I really want. Both of them are evening classes as well.

It is a lot of money, so I think I will put it on my wish list for my birthday that is coming up pretty soon. Otherwise I think I want to pay for it anyway. Education is good! And I won’t get another chance at studying at an American University.

I feel so relieved that I probably have solved this study problem! 🙂
UCSD Extension

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