My work out schedule

Finally I’m done with my gym program. I think it is pretty good to be honest. But we won’t be sure until after some time.

This is what I came up with:

MONDAY: BACK (barbell deadlift, barbell bent-over row, and cable pulldown) and BICEPS (barbell curl and dumbbell Curl)

TUESDAY: CHEST (dumbbell bench press, dumbbell fly, and lever pec deck fly), TRICEPS (dumbbell one arm extension and barbell lying triceps extension), and LOWER ARM (dumbbell hammer curl)

THURSDAY: LEGS (barbell full squat (we’ll se how that works with my short calf muscles…), dumbbell lunge, lever seated leg curl, and lever lying leg curl) and CALVES (calf press (if I can do it…)

FRIDAY: SHOULDER (dumbbell shoulder press and dumbbell lateral raise) and CORE (weighted crunches, weighted twisted crunches, v-ups, and possibly my 5-series that I used to do when I did the athletics).

I was thinking 3 sets with 10 reps. If any weight lifting expert is reading this, and it sounds crazy, please tell me, so I don’t hurt myself :).

And I will try to run at least twice a week, when I have time, like Wednesdays and once in the weekend. And maybe do an alternative work out schedule so I don’t get bored with the same exercises week after week.

Other than putting this together and watching a lot of videos on the Internet on how to do all of these exercises I have been with Pia and the kids at Chuck E. Cheese’s. That is a big gaming hall for kids. So you buy tokens, play games and get tickets you can turn into gifts at the end of your visit. I have seen it on movies, but I didn’t think it was like that in real life. A fun experience!

After that we went to two home decoration stores. The girl accidently broke a lamp in one of them, got reallys ad. But the personnel were kind and said we didn’t have to pay for it.

Dinner was really good, chicken stew with broccoli and pasta. I love broccoli! But that means that I can’t do my broccoli and bacon thingy on Wednesday. Wonder what I will do instead then…

Tomorrow evening Malin gets here again. We have already decided to go to a nail salon on Tuesday. That will be fun!

Oh, I almost forgot! This evening I ordered a Sony eReader! I have like 1100 pages left in the book I brought, but I couldn’t resist anymore.

Now I have a date with my pillow. Good night!

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