April 1st

Not much have happened since last I wrote. I went to that party and I had an amazing evening with lots of wine and good food! For the first time since I started studying at Chalmers in 2010, I was served fish at a “sittning”. It was grilled salmon and really good, but beef is more appropriate when you’re drinking. The next VIRUS party is on May 17th. I was glad when they told me they are gonna have another one before the summer. Too bad I am in London that weekend… There is one more right before I move back to USA in late August, not so much of a dinner as a party, but still. One last night with VIRUS before I will be leaving again.
On Sunday I felt like I deserved but I’ve had way worse.
On Monday’s agenda was structural engineering the whole morning and after lunch a meeting with our counselor or whatever I should call him about the thesis.
And working with that is what I did this morning. We did some customization and wrote a little bit in the paper. After lunch I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours. After that I was so groggy and weird that I decided to stay on the couch and watch TV series. I couldn’t even work if I wanted to, my internet was down for some reason.
After dinner it was up and running again but it was too late to start writing, so I played a little bit of Guild Wars. Every April 1st they do something in game. This year they made everyone (even the foes, minipets and NPC’s) bobble heads. It looked very stupid running around with a loose head. I am almost level 80 now, next time I play I will be. And then I will be able to play with my guildies again, it will be fun!

The only one who tried to fool me today was my 9-year old cousin. She told me they got 3 bunnies to look after again. Haha, could have been true!

New computer

I am too addicted to my computer so it didn’t take me more than a day to get a new one. Yesterday I went with mom to her job and then borrowed her car to drive around and look for a new computer. Well, first to the support and see if they could fix it. They could, but that would have cost me like 4000 SEK (and my new one was 6000). First 1000 to send it in to find out what was wrong with it. The guy who helped me at Inet told me that it was probably something wrong with the motherboard. It might have been the keyboard too, but to find that out I would have to pay 1000. I bought my old computer when I graduated high school which is almost four years ago so neither he nor I thought it was worth spending that much money on that old thing. But I can’t really say that I was super sad about it.

So we talked about what new computer I should get and he showed me a pretty good Asus (Intel core i5-4200U, 8GB RAM (upgradeable to 16), 500GB, 15.6″, GeForce GT 740M, 2kg (my old one was probably like 4)) . I had googled some the night before and found one at Elgiganten, an Acer with tuochscreen. It would have been so awesome to have a touchscreen, but it would have made the computer slower so I didn’t want that one in the end. I drove to MediaMarkt but they didn’t have anything and after I took a quick look on the plastic Acer at Elgiganten I decided to go for the Asus at Inet. I love that store and it feels good to buy electronics there.

I called mom andI picked her up so both of us could go to Inet. I can’t part pay because I don’t have a fixed income.

I’ve been working with the computer for two days now and I have to say that I actually like Windows 8. I’m still installing programs and stuff, but it will be nice with this computer the next years!


Last night was the first omsits for me in a very long time and I had such a great time. Pregaming, three course dinner, after party and keps. The sittning was really big this time. More alumni than normal.There were even two guys from VIRUS 1995! The next one is on March 29th and it’sa fancy dinner (ugly-fancy as we call it, we are nicely dressed, eat nice food, but drink a lot of wine). I really look forward to it!

VIRUS omsits

Party @ Chalmers

I’ve attended my first Chalmers party in more than a year and it was so much fun. But before the party could start there was a student held department meeting. Normally those are kinda fun, but this time they didn’t allow alcohol at the meeting so I got really really bored. And when they talked about the year’s budget for about an hour it didn’t make it better. So I went down to “Buren” (translated into The Cage), our room in the basement. In the pause my grand-grandchild came down and gave me some pasta salad. Very nice of him to think of his elder!

At like 9:30 pm (the meeting started at 5) we were dragged up to the meeting again to vote for the new person to join the group. One quit…

The meeting didn’t end until I think 12:30am but as soon as it was over we all went down to welcome the new girl. We drank champagne and after some talking they brought forth the tray, caps, glasses and beer. It was time for keps! I’ve been missing that game so much in the US. I couldn’t play too long though. Sober for almost a year and keps is not a good combination so I stopped after four ciders. I was lagom drunk. And no hangover today, win!

But I slept the whole day. I came home around 5am, slept until 11am, watched some sitcoms and then fell asleep again and got up at 3pm to take a shower.

I should read through some documents for my thesis and for once I actually think I will do it instead of being a lazy-ass.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! ❤


SNOW This is my view yesterday morning. SNOW! But it only lasted a few hours…No SNOWWhen I walked to school it was actually a bit pretty. My camera isn’t very good with lights, but the sky was a peach color and it almost felt like California/Hawaii. Except that it was very cold…