End of week 3

Sorry blog, I will try to be better from now on! Time goes to fast, and before I know it another whole week has passed since I updated.

This weekend was very very chill. Friday and Saturday I spent all day at the pool reading. On Friday I finished the second Artemis Fowl book, started reading the second Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy, and also finished it since it was only 100 pages. And then I finally started Ghosts of Ascalon, the Guild Wars 2 books. I finished half of it already and it is actually really good.

Today was a little bit different. I went to Pismo Beach with Cal Poly beach volleyball club. Unfortunately there weren’t many girls so I didn’t get the opportunity to play more than two games. I can totally play with three guys, but I don’t think they would like that. I need female beach volleyball players in SLO, where are you?? The two games were really fun though and the guy I played with, we played well together, at least the second game. Our peppering was also amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever been going on for so long without dropping the ball. SO much fun! I am a little bummed that I didn’t get to play more than two games, and lessons are cancelled tomorrow. I am gonna pick up beach volleyball seriously when I am back in Sweden!

Last week was normal, lots of homework like normal, nothing special happened.

After the beach today I wrote my own review sheet for my German midterm on Thursday. I feel like I have that under pretty well control.

Now I will play a little Guild Wars 2 before going to bed. A new week awaits!

The P

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Another ”I finally did it” happened today. I finally hiked the P, one of the closest hikes to where I live. On the hillside facing campus (and the rest of the city), there is a big concrete P. I hiked up to it today and then up all the way to the top of the ridge. I sat up there for a long while just looking out over campus, the hills, and the whole City of San Luis Obispo. I can’t get enough of beautiful views!

I didn’t stay until sunset, I got too hungry. It was a pretty short hike and I was up all the way to the top on, I would guess 30 minutes and down in less. A “lagom” hike. But it was very steep and lots of loose rocks.

I had dinner, took a shower and am now doing laundry and thinking if I should be a good student and do Thursday’s reading and quiz. I did Tuesday’s this afternoon. I probably won’t. A movie, some ice cream and then bed sounds like a good Easter Sunday evening.

IMG_20150405_173127  Someone repainted the P recently to the colors of the rainbow.IMG_20150405_173939 IMG_20150405_175254 PCV, the village where I live.PANO_20150405_175305Cal Poly SLO has a very big campus!PANO_20150405_175039 Behind the ridge.PANO_20150405_175150 SLO side of the ridge.PANO_20150405_175055 360 degree panorama.IMG_20150405_184659

First day of finals week

This quarter’s finals week started off good. I got some stuff done, like finished my part of the group project about the bus routes here in SLO. That felt good. I sent some emails, finished writing the definitions of some concepts for my Urban Planning final tomorrow. And that is it. I missed the beautiful day, but I was in a weird mood today anyway.

So, tomorrow I have the final in Introduction to Urban Planning, but it is not exactly a final since it is not cumulative. It’s gonna be 50 questions, mostly multiple choice. I already have an A in that class so I am not too worried about this. And on Wednesday I have the German final, but I can’t study for that one. We are gonna watch a movie and then have group discussions about it afterward. I am so thankful for these past two weeks that was very relaxed and with not too much work. Even if it’s been super chill, I can’t wait for spring break. Traveling again will be so much fun.

I made an appointment to cut my hair on Thursday after a sunrise hike up Bishops Peak, we are having dinner at Firestone, and will go to Slodoco. This week Kelsey, our former roommate from Iowa is visiting for her spring break with three of her friends. The place is packed. I am just glad I don’t have too much to do. It is so nice to have Kelsey back, I really missed her! But it is a weird situation to have her here with her friends from back home and “sharing” her. I am still very glad to have her here, today we went to dinner downtown and last night we hung out in our living room for ever with some of our neighbors. That was fun.

I think I will hang out in my room tonight, watch a movie or read and then go to bed early.

A day at the pool

Today was pretty chill, I had a check-up with the doctor, and she was happy to hear that the pills are working and that my mono symptoms are still gonna be here for at least a couple of more weeks. So I don’t know what I really got out of that, but it made me get out of bed pretty early so I had more time to relax at the pool.

They changed the sunbeds a couple of days ago and they are so nice now! A lot of people from the building were there and the weather was beautiful and it was such a nice day! It was around 30C and just amazing. No burns, but I am tired from all the sun. I didn’t read much, but I will have plenty of time to do that when my finals are done in five days.

I don’t really have much to study now anyway. I reviewed all the old quizzes for the Urban Planning midterm on Tuesday. It feels okay, I have some concepts I want to define before I feel completely ready to take the midterm (it is during finals week, but not cumulative, so I call it a midterm). And I can’t really study for the German final on Wednesday. We are gonna watch a movie and then discuss it in groups. I thought we were gonna answer questions individually on papers. So now I am not worried at all about this. I am gonna do more of the old German homeworks another day, probably tomorrow night.

I was very unhealthy tonight with both Panda Express and a donut from Slodoco. So I will go to bed now and dream intense dreams and hopefully burn some of these unnecessary calories.

Tired and dizzy

This day was not very long, but it felt like it would never end! I didn’t have my first class until 2pm, and was done by 5:30 and then spent two hours at the library doing two Urban Planning quizzes and all my German homework. After that I was completely done, had dinner, watched an episode of Once Upon a Time and now I am all ready to go to bed. I hope I can fall asleep. And also, there are people in the apartment so I guess that won’t happen anytime soon. Why are the walls so thin in this country??

News from the doctor

Okay, good new first, I do not have a lifelong vitamin B12 deficiency that needs monthly injections, that is a relief. But I wonder why my values were so extremely low that one time when I did the tests the first time in Sweden?

The bad news, and I don’t how to rank these two according to badness, but the first thing; I have mono. Again! How is that even possible? I have no idea, but I definitely have it, and it sucks monkeyballs! This means no sports that could potentially hurt my stomach, and more specifically my spleen and liver. So no beach volleyball, no volleyball for four weeks. It is a good thing that spring break is four weeks away so I will be able to play down in SD at least. But I am still very bummed about this. I don’t have any symptoms once again (except for my tiredness lately). Ugh!!

After I stopped being surprised on the phone very early this morning, the doctor told me she had more bad news. What?? Apparently my blood is showing an allergic reaction to something. They couldn’t see what kind, just that I had it. I did those tests years ago in Sweden, I am not allergic to anything except bunnies and Erythromycin (a type of penicillin). What could it be? Nothing that makes my nose runny or eyes itchy or anything like that. She told me to get Allegra for allergy relief. But I hate taking medicine if I don’t know what for. So tomorrow I am gonna call the allergy place here in SLO and ask how much those tests would cost. If I am allergic to something I really wanna know what it is.

Everything is going so well for me right now, I’ve never ever had as good grades as I have now, I might have an internship, I have a great apartment down in San Diego waiting for me if I get the job, spring is coming, and I have spring break coming up with fun plans, and an awesome last quarter in school with fun classes, surfboard crafting class, scuba certification class and just amazing California in general. So why do I have to pay for all this with my health? It’s not fair :(.

I guess, as long as I don’t have symptoms and am lying half-dying in bed I should be glad.

And speaking of bed, it is time to join it under the covers. I am done with studying for the quiz tomorrow, I finished my German homework and I’ve had my fair share of ice cream tonight. Definitely time for a date with my pillow. Goodnight!

A good Monday

This day started with a couple of blood tests to determine once and for all if I have a B12 deficiency that needs to be treated for the rest of my life. The two doctors in Sweden have so far told me two different things, so I’m hoping this will help me. I will hopefully get the results by the end of the week and we will deal with it after that.

I went back home to bed for another three hours after first skyping with mom for a while. Before class I went to a popcorn test for one of Julianne’s classes and then I had my two classes and ended the day with four hours at the library. I was done by ten, came home, and had nothing to do. I was so happy. I sat down, watched an episode of Arrow while painting my nails and just being happy. A big part of my happiness was the apartment I found in San Diego available for me right when I am done with school. Three Swedish girls are leaving in May and needs three new people moving in. I told them I was very interested and that I could come down and look at the apartment on Spring Break. She was also gonna talk to the building manager or whatever and get back to me with more details. $860/month, everything included, two pools in the apartment complex, parking spot for $55. And it is down in southern San Diego, close to beach volleyball. It is too good to be true, but on the other hand, everything seems to go my way right now :).

I had way too much energy tonight, so at midnight I started to clean my room, then I fixed my ripped jeans, and now when there is nothing more to do, I guess it is time to go to bed.

Double A’s

All this late night studying has finally started to pay off. Two days ago I got the result on my Urban Planning midterm and I got a 90%, which equals an A-. I am happy!! And today I got my German midterm back and I got an A! My name was torn off the paper and the professor told me it was because he showed it to another professor. Does that mean that my midterm was a really really good one? Maybe even best in class? Only two or three marks on the whole test and I am very very proud of myself. All the hard work I’ve put into school the last three weeks have really paid off.

And the German class in general was so fun today, I laughed all the time! We are starting to have conversations and actually talking in class now and it was just great. I love that class!!

Another cool thing that happened today was that I got the videos of all the 8 games of beach volleyball we played on Monday evening. Here is a link to them if anyone feels like watching. I played with Chris and against Wes and Cathleen. It was such a fun night.

What else happened today? Pretty much just studying, today before class as well as after. When will this ever end? I miss sleep…

Last night I was at the library until midnight. But after tomorrow the weekend will be here and I can’t wait!! Tomorrow will be a long day though. Doctor’s appointment at 9, then two hours to kill (maybe nap in the library?), presentation practice at 11, class at noon all the way until 6pm. And right after that there is a career fair for architects/urban planners and all the others in that area. I haven’t had time to research the companies yet, I will do that tomorrow on my two hour break I guess. I borrowed some nice clothes from Rachel and I hope I will get at least a few companies attention. If it is even possible with an internship at private companies. We will see. I also reached out to all the cities down in San Diego County and asked for internships. Please cross your fingers that I will get something down there! That would be a dream come true!

Late night beach volleyball

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I have missed this sport so much and I will try to play as much as possible from now on. Yesterday on the beach I ran into a guy who was really really good at beach volleyball. We peppered some, exchanged numbers and set up an evening session tonight with two of his friends in the backyard of Qualcomm. No wind, but it was a bit chilly but it was easy to get warm. We played for 3.5 hours without any breaks. I have never played that much before in a row. And the only thing that got worse was my right arm from all that serving and spiking. It was very close on all the games and I think we played 8 games to 21. I loved every second of it!

There is something very funny about this guy, Chris. After we became friends on FB, I saw that he had some pictures of Chad from San Diego on there. They were both in Mexico last summer playing a random-tournament, where you are partnered up with a random person and they were partnered up. So without knowing, I have had pictures of this guy (since Chad sent me pictures of both of them) on my phone since last July, and then I ran into him. The world is so small!

I am a little bit sad about going back to SLO tomorrow. I love San Diego and it was so nice to get away from reality for a weekend and live the life I did a year and a half ago. I miss it. Not that SLO is bad, I love SLO too, but it has been tough lately.

Today, before the volleyball (we played from 7pm to 10:30pm, I am impressed by myself) I was in my old room studying all day long. I got a lot of stuff done on the project, but I still have more to do. Probably a late night at the library tomorrow…

Yesterday I went with the Swedish girls to Del Mar Beach. The guys with the surfboards never got back to us so no surfing. We decided to go to a closer beach. I had actually never been there. It wasn’t the best of beaches, but it was a nice day. Until 4:30pm when out of nowhere a big fog cloud came in. It seriously went from clear blue sky to foggy in 30 seconds. Super weird. So I didn’t get my SoCal sunset this weekend. But I am planning on coming down for the second half of spring break.

Snapchat--8524082394110332066 Snapchat-984368638818028366

Study at the library

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I am not very fond of the library. I don’t know why, but I guess I like my own room better even if there are more distractions here. But today I had too much that needed to be done so I spent four hours there with Matt. I actually got a lot of stuff done. First I looked at what my partner had written for the report that is due tomorrow afternoon. It looked good, so I finished the reading for the Urban Planning quiz (we have one quiz before every class (twice a week)) and then did the quiz. 97%, not too bad. Then I wrote down ten German verbs and conjugated all of them. We have a quiz tomorrow on the prepositions and ten verbs. I hope that will go well. I feel like I know it all, but I am not good at forming sentences. Cross your fingers for me!

At 11 I felt that I was done, so I went out in the cold and headed home. Here I have watched funny cat videos and put together several different potential schedules for next quarter. I am waiting for responses from several people about different classes. But I have all my options saved so when February 10th comes, I will be ready to enroll. I am hoping for CRP 214 – Land Use and Transportation Studies, ENVE 331 – Introduction to Environmental Engineering, GER 103 – Elementary German III, and CRP 409 – Planning Internship. I am also considering KINE 181 – First Aid/CPR/AED on top of all of those to renew my certification. But I am not sure about that yet (it is two extra hours every week). The Environmental Planning Methods that I wanted to take only covers the California laws when it comes to planning, so it might not benefit be at all if I don’t end up here. And that one was also early mornings and 4 hours each time, so I want to take the Land Use class instead. Better times and seems better suited for me no matter where I end up. I hope I can take the Environmental Engineering class too, but that is completely up to my advisor at Chalmers. I think that environmental engineering is definitely good for all types of engineers. But I am patiently waiting for my advisor’s email reply. If it is not okay, then I will just take a class called CE 421 – Traffic Engineering and have three out of five very early mornings, and also have class on Friday’s. Let’s cross all your fingers again for this NOT to happen! I also want to take the Planning Internship class which will give me at least 60 hours of work experience in planning, and also 2 units to my transcript. But it might be too late to find a company to work for even if I got a thumbs-up from my advisors here at Cal Poly regarding my visa status. If I get that internship, it could be my way in to stay permanently in California. But if I don’t, it just means that I have to contact companies directly and apply for a real job directly instead. Probably more work, but since I really want this, I am ready to put the effort into it.

I’ve been very productive today, and I will end this long day with the latest episode of The Flash and then prepare for a long long day tomorrow (Thursday’s are the worst, 6 hours of consecutive lectures, no breaks, and all in different parts of campus of course).

German quiz 2 This is my German quiz #2. Don’t mind all the errors. But read the questions. My German teacher is the best! Today in class he had brought a light saber and a sonic screwdriver, he also went on an on about a guy’s feral cat invasion in his house and joked about it. I have never laughed in class as much as I do in his class (he is a good teacher too and teach us so much). Heil Edler Graf von Anderson!California sunsetI can’t get enough of beautiful sunsets and they seem to be endless here. I love it! They make me happy.