WSP in Lillehammer, day 1

In two days, so have already worked at WSP for a full year. I can’t believe it and time has flown and blaha blaha blaha. It is unbelievable and I still feel that I have found my place. It truly doesn’t feel like a full year though.

Another year, another conference trip. As long as we make enough money, the whole department goes away for a long weekend. Last year we went to Budapest, a really fun and rainy weekend. This year we went to Lillehammer in Norway. A very different type of trip, I think I can already say without having done anything just yet.

Last year we flew, this year we had big vans and drove up. Around 6-7 hours total? With a stop in Oslo around lunch. We ate at Olivia, an Italian restaurant which will open in Gothenburg eventually. After eating there today, I am really excited for the grand opening back home. The sallad before the “buffet” was so simple yet so good! The buffet was first pasta dishes that were shared among all the people around the table, so not a true buffet. And then we shared pizza. Everything, including the olive oil drenched bread was delicious!

A few from the WSP management office in Oslo joined us and gave us a short tour after lunch. We walked to the Opera House and watched all the millions of construction sites all around us. They are building even more there than back home. Cranes everywhere!


uring the ride from Oslo to Lillehammer, I fell asleep in the back of the van. Very uncomfortable, and I am sure I missed some views, but still nice!

A quick coffee break in Espa where I bought a Kvikklunsj. I thought it was like a Kexchoklad, but it was more like a KitKat. I have heard about it and thought it was worth a try.

At 6pm we arrived at Hafjell Lodge, the big cabin right in the middle of Hafjell. I realized that I was here 8 years ago. When it was white and I was skiing. A bit different of a trip now. Very pretty still!

We had dinner almost immediately, a game stew with mashed potatoes and tyttebær, lingonberries. Very good. I was still not hungry after the huge lunch, but it wasn’t too hard to eat.

After dinner the group of people arranging activities for our department, gave us the last piece of information for the last big math question from the quiz in the cars. All the cars competed against each other by solving rebuses, Gothenburg words, questions about beer and a car bingo by taking pictures of stuff on the way. By handing in the last question’s correct answer first, our team won! Woho! We won candy and when that rush had gone away I got so tired that I went to bed. It will be a luxury to sleep a full night without the cats waking me up. Not that they did last night, but still.

The next couple of days will be full of outdoor activities and I hope I brought warm enough clothes.