The Princess Bride

I have overcome my fear and watched this movie for the first time since I was like 8. At that time I had crazy and horrible nightmares about this movie, the Rodents of Unusual Size especially. Can’t really say that I remembered anything else. But today, 15 years later, I saw it again. I’ve been meaning to for a very long time, but we are watching it in German right now, without subtitles and I can’t understand it, so I watched it tonight in English so I hopefully will understand more tomorrow.

Nothing really has happened since last time I updated, which was, wow, a week ago. I apologize. The weather last week was bad, not more than 15C and cloudy and I didn’t really have anything I could do. Not too much in school, so most nights I played a lot of Guild Wars 2. I kinda just wanna go home now, and have been withdrawing from my friends. I don’t know why, it would make more sense that I would wanna hang out with them as much as possible. But everyone is so stressed out about deadweek (this week) and finals week next week. Everyone will relax and leave when I am leaving. It is a weird thing leaving a place after a long time. I know that I only have 11 more days here in SLO, but having a set date when I am leaving and know that I have a lot to do before then just makes me wanna skip that hard part with packing, preparing for departure and saying goodbye to friends. Also, I am not super happy about my living situation, but I won’t go into details about that. It has been hard having roommates, and I am happy to go back to not have that. And living with mom is not gonna be the same. I know that it is nice living with her.

This weekend was sunny and really nice for the first time in a very long time! It was about 24C and sunny three days in a row. On Friday I was at the pool with Aidan for many hours. I spent all of Saturday at Avila Beach. I spent the whole time studying and preparing for the presentation I have either tomorrow or Thursday. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon at the pool reading. I have come a long way in Sea of Sorrows (the third Guild Wars book). All of them were really good!

Today beachvolleyball was canceled but I went to TRX and that almost killed me. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t work out at all last week, it was hot today, or because I just finished taking antibiotics. It wasn’t that hard of a workout, so I don’t know what happened, but I saw stars after and almost passed out. Scary.

An hour break before German where we watched the first 30 minutes of Die Braut des Prinzen.

I went home after that, took a shower and then went back to campus to let Rosie take portrait pictures of me in the studio. Judging from the camera screen they turned out really well. The black background, my blond hair, tan skin. It all looked very good! I am very excited to see the final results this weekend. When I was leaving the studio there were a couple of guys there who started talking to us. They were lab technicians, and one of them saw the video of me and said when I came out that he recognized me and told me what an interesting person I am and so on. Haha, I am famous! So on Wednesday I am gonna hang out with Rosie in the studio and talk to this man who wants to know more about my fascinating life. Haha!

The last thing I wanna write tonight, is that when did it become June 1st?? It is June today. CRAZY!


No studying happened today. I don’t feel bad, because I know that if I tried it wouldn’t have worked… Not in the mood for it. But I’m sure it will be fine anyway. Today was all about shopping, and more specifically jeans shopping. I have one pair of jeans and I am not just getting tired of them, they are starting to fall apart and I don’t wanna realize one day that there is a big hole in an inconvenient place and then have nothing to wear. So I bought a pair of Bullhead jeans today for $45. It’s an okay price, especially if you compare to Swedish prices. I also bought my first Christmas gift, but I still have no idea whatsoever on what to get my roommates. I am not good with gifts… And the last thing I bought was three pair of Calvin Klein underwear.

When we were done, Kelsey, Pelle, and I went to In ‘n Out for dinner. Pelle paid for all of us which was very sweet of him. But on the other hand, Kelsey and I did get him a blanket. We were all super full after and I still am. I feel bad actually. I need to stop eating unhealthy. I’ve gained a few pounds the last couple of weeks…

When I came home I was in such a food coma that I didn’t feel like doing anything except watching a movie, so I watched The Anchorman until I fell asleep. Then I kept watching when I woke up and I was so not in the mood for studying when it was over. So I watched an episode of The 100 and now I am trying to buy a train ticket for Friday, but the Amtrak website is down. I will have to do it tomorrow instead. And also pack. Kelsey and I are leaving for LA on Tuesday.

I think I will go to bed now and hopefully wake up early tomorrow.

Luxury breakfast at Liseberg

This day was pretty sucky. Like my last two weekends. In the morning I went to the gynecologist office to ask about my situation. They told me they could give me a new test in the beginning of September and the gynecologist would tell me then what would need to be done. So I don’t know yet if that will affect my second year in the US.

After that I went to Nordstan to buy round stickers and white nail polish to try and make a french manicure on myself. I tried but it didn’t work. Well, it will when I am patient enough to do it properly.

I hung out in Brunnsparken for half an hour before going to Liseberg for a luxury breakfast with my coworkers. It was very nice!

Then I went home, and pretty much slept the rest of the day. Watched a lot of The 100 episodes and waited for Chad to come. But because of a headache I was left alone at home, again, and decided to buy some Ben&Jerry’s and watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman. It was an okay movie, but I couldn’t really enjoy it. It really sucks that something always comes in the way when I have my days off so I can’t see Chad…

Tomorrow’s midsummer and to be completely honest, I have to say that I don’t look forward to it. I will be with people I don’t know and there will be alcohol. I don’t like alcohol anymore. But being sober on Midsummer with young adults isn’t an option. I hope the weather will be nice at least so I can work on my tan by the lake and maybe go swimming for the first time this year (in Sweden).

I have watched the whole first season of The 100 in the past three days. And I learned today that is is based on a book. Another one to my extremely long to-read-list.