Upcoming TV shows

This week I have gotten two very good pieces of news. Two new TV shows are coming (I think next year?) based on books I recently read. Apparently Netflix is doing a series about the unfortunate Baudelaire children, the book series of 13 books, which I recently read. One book will be covered in two episodes so the whole series should then be 26 episodes long. And Count Olaf will be played by no other than mr. Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother) and the show will be Netflix’s most expensive show yet. I am excited to say the least. Hard to imagine Neil as Olaf, but the picture on this link shows that he will do just fine (maybe even better than Jim Carrey, though he did a pretty amazing job in the movie from 2004 (covering the first 3 books of the show). Why didn’t they do the rest? That movie was actually pretty good!). This was the first I heard of this TV show, so I guess reading them this spring was a smart move from my consciousness.

The second piece of good news is even better than the first one. One of my favorite book series, Throne of Glass, will be turned into a TV show (maybe next year?). I am currently reading the 5th and second to last book in the series, Empire of Storms and it is incredible. About a third read so far. I can’t wait for this show! And I sure hope they will make it good, because the books are amazing. Here is a link to the website I found the news on. It will be called Queen of Shadows (like book number four).