Aion account recovered

My account was never gone. Apparently there are two different games for Aion North America and Europe. In Guild Wars 2 there are different servers for the regions, but in Aion two completely different installations. I tried to install the American version. Haha! Problem solved, I downloaded the European version and have now two Aion accounts, yay!

School today as usual. Last day of German before the midterm tomorrow. I am prepared and have done what I can. Maybe I could have done more, but I still feel like I have it under control. It is just a midterm. I went to TRX today as well, like every Monday and Wednesday. It was tough today. We did a tabata similar routine with six stations, both on and off the TRX. First 50 seconds on each station, one minute rest, then 40 seconds with one minute rest, and then 30 seconds and 20. It was tough!I survived, but I will most likely not be able to move my arms tomorrow…

I should go to bed now, read through my German notes, and hope for the best tomorrow afternoon!

Lost Aion account

Well, this sucks. Today I felt like playing some Aion again for the first time in like 7 months. But I couldn’t log in and it said something about having to migrate the account to an email address or something. I tried logging in to the website instead to do this, but it said that my account wasn’t available anymore. WHAT? I sent them an email asking how this was possible, is all of my progress lost? That would suck real bad.

With lack of motivation to do anything tonight I created a new account (apparently Aion is completely free of charge now) and started over. I hope that my other stuff can be recovered, I miss my little panda I had walking next to me. But it was pretty fun playing from the beginning. But from the Asmodian side this time. Last time I played Elyos “the good guys”. Asmodian are the “bad”. Fun.

But I am gonna have to focus on my midterm first and most. Good luck to me with two fun computer games, haha!

Also, today I got my full schedule for Liseberg this summer. I will be working all the way to closing in October, yay! They also changed it so I don’t start working until July 1st, before it was June 22nd. This means I can spend more time in San Diego before going home :).

Another thing that has happened is that Three Days Grace’s new album is out and it is so good! I’ve been listening to them for the past two days. Great band! Even with the new singer!