Rejlers in Alicante day 3

The last day in Spain with Rejlers was a very surprising one. Since this was a conference, we had to have some kind of organized activity together and the plan was for a few suppliers to hold product presentations. They introduced themselves and they all said things like: “During my hour of presentation, I will go over a detailed history, statistics, and an overview of all our products”, “We will take short breaks inbetween”, and so on. One slide said: “Does this seem like an okay agenda?” Everyone just nodded solemnly, because we did after all get a lot of free time and this was “the price to pay”, haha! The next slide said: “OR, we could go and do something fun instead?”

Haha, wow, they had us all fooled. Or at least some of us, me and Lisa didn’t really understand at first, maybe we were tired. They will have the product viewings back in Sweden and this day we focused on team building instead which I felt was very neccessary since I never work together with the other groups in Buildings Gothenburg. We were divided into 4 teams and first we had four stations with activities to solve together as a group. Then there was a very thorough scavenger hunt throughout Albir. They had done an amazing job of putting it together. It involved tasks such as dressing one person up as a pirate, doing a self portrait of one of the team members made out of toilet paper and the referees had to guess who it was. We built a tower out of the rocks on the beach. It was a really fun activity together. The self portrait of me made by toilet paper. I was the only one with long hair in our group so it was easy. Our beautiful rock tower.

It was much more windy than the day before so the rest of the day was spent by the pool except for two hours when we went for a walk to a lunch restaurant where I had the best grilled goatcheese sourdough sandwich ever.

The trip home started with our alarms going off at 3:50. Transfer to the airport at 4:20. Take off at 7:00 and then bus and tram all the way home. It sucked coming back to 8C and rain, but it also is very nice to be home. being around coworkers 24/7 (even if I didn’t join them at bars and nightclubs in the evenings) was exhausting for me as an introvert. Lisa was an amazing roomie though đŸ™‚

I understand  why they booked the trip mostly on a weekend, but it was hard coming back home and going straight back to work and an overfull email inbox. Great trip though! đŸ™‚

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