Parc Güell

This day was supposed to be all about Eusebi Güell. He had acquired a big piece of land and assigned the architect Gaudí to draw plans for the residential park influenced by Britain. Only 2 of 60 lots were sold however and the project was canceled and the park sold to the city and opened in 1926 as a public park. Gaudí still went crazy over there and built roads and viaducts and a market place in accordance with the vegitation and slope.

It was a beautiful park, but all three of us got really bummed out when we realized that we couldn’t get inside the center where all the Gaudí stuff where. There is a strict visitor limit every 30 minute and the next available time slot was at 5pm. We got there before 1pm. Not worth waiting. Too bad. But the rest of the park was pretty. But with at least a couple of school classes there were constant noises and kids running around. Extremely annoying! Cats are good though.

We ate our sandwiches and then took the Metro to La Rambla where we did some tourist shopping, had coffee, ice cream and then back to the apartment where we relaxed and read for a bit.

At 7pm, mom and I went out to finally have a dinner of crepes. We went to the place we were aiming for the other night and that was a good idea. Creps Barcelona on Av. Gaudí had amazing crepes. Mom and I first shared a savory one with cheese, mushrooms and ham. And then we shared a sweet one with nutella and strawberries. Delicious. Highly recommend if you are ever in Barcelona and get cravings for crepes like we did.

While we sat there, we thought about if it was worth going to the fountain again tonight to get that photo we were both robbed of yesterday. We decided it was worth it. So we took the Metro, just to arrive and realize that the waterfall by the castle was not rainbow colored today… Seriously?! I got some nice sphere photos though. One can be seen here on Google Maps. It turned out okay.

Tomorrow is our last day here. Time has really flown this week!


UPDATE 2018-10-07!

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