Storage limitations

I have some sad news everyone. WordPress has changed their storage upgrades and the one I had is not available anymore. So instead of paying $20 per year, they now ask $100 per year for the same amount of storage and a lot of extra premium stuff that I don’t want. It sucks! So now I have 7.9 GB used of the original 3GB that comes with a WordPress blog for free. Pretty big dilemma. Which can be solved in many ways. After thinking about it for a while, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t want to create a new blog. I have my followers here, and “alexandrabemm” is how I can be found on basically any social media so it would not make any sense for my blog to be called anything else. Even “alexandrabemm2” for instance.

Most of the pictures on this blog are from my two years in California, so I have decided to create one or two new blogs (depending on how much storage space all the pictures take) that will work as a California blog. I will repost everything from those two years on that blog, remove the pictures from here and add a link to the original post. This is unfortunately a big project and will take tons of time so it will be some time before I can post any pictures here. For example “My year in books” from Goodreads, or covers on the reviews I will be writing (I don’t think there will be too many since I am not reading as much anymore).

Big project, but not completely impossible. Until then, I apologize for a boring, non-picture blog.

Here is the first of the archives:

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