I have to admit that I don’t know a single thing about writing fiction. Sure, I was pretty good at it in grade schoå´0äut that was just short stories written down directly from my head. This is different. There seems to be tons of things to think about which I right now have no clue about. I am sure that will bite me in the butt when I have come a little longer, I just started on my ninth page in Word, so for now I am focusing on getting the story straight.

My inspiration hits me whenever I least expect it. I read a meme (I think) somewhere, that being a writer is not something you are when you are in front of a computer writing, but it is having to have a piece of paper with you at all time because you get ideas wherever you are. That’s how it is with me. When I actively think about certain things I haven’t clarified in my head yet, I always draw I blank. I don’t think I have ever come up with something when I was conveniently in front of my computer.

I also get a lot of inspiration when I read. Of course I have drawn inspiration from my favorites, but this book I am reading now is not that good and I have little to no inspiration from it. But still I get ideas on completely different things than what I read. It’s quite interesting. And maybe that is why I don’t find that book very good, because I think about my own too much while reading, haha. By the way, I am reading Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth (author of Divergent, that series was amazing, this one is hard for me to symphathize with). I actually just want to finish it so I can start reading Odinsbarn by Siri Pettersen, a Norwegian fantasy which I have only heard great things about.

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  1. Inspiration is a fickle muse. She comes to me when I least expect it. When she does visit, I’m usually driving my car and have no way to write down what she tells me.
    In 2013, I began thinking of writing the story I had wanted to tell for years but could not figure out how to start the first chapter. One night, as I lay in bed, the first paragraph suddenly popped into my mind. I immediately leaped out of bed and wrote the entire first chapter. It isn’t always like that. Inspiration seems to come out of nowhere when I least expect it. Something else I have observed: my best posts seem to be those I did not plan; they were spontaneous, written as I thought of them. Don’t try too hard – let inspiration come to you naturally – on her terms 🙂

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