First page is written

Whoah, this was fun! The first page of my book is written (the first page in Word, I guess that equals around two pages in a printed book?) and I have to say that I like it. The language sounds good both in my head and when reading it aloud to my boyfriend. I can’t wait to write more!!

This whole weekend I finished drawing the map and figuring out what the different territories would look like. I wrote short synpopses of the first three steps in the story. I think the whole story will be maybe eight or nine steps? Well, I got eager and wanted to start writing, I can finish the short synopsis steps another day. I tried thinking of names (both for characters and places) as well, but after drawing a blank this whole weekend, I realized that that will be a huge pain in this process. Any help is appreciated :).

5 thoughts on “First page is written

  1. I have other friends writing books, and it is not unusual that they asks for name-proposals for their characters. 🙂 Can you give some hint about the personalities and the places? It makes it easier to give prpopsals.
    I can also recommend a blogg:
    Eva is one of my oldest friends, we have known eachother since we were 13, and she is blogging about her authorship.

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    • So far i just have the main character. A girl/woman with her memory wiped sent to that place to unite its people. She has a gift of communication. She is curios and knowledge-seaking but knows she is not invinsible.

      The main thing now are the names of places. There are 7 territories: a tropical island, under the ocean, temperate forest, mountain, desert, dead forest and ice.

      I don’t know if I should just name them English names, or come up with new random names (this is fantasy so a combination of letters would work), or create names from swedish words describing what it is.

      It is soo hard! She hasn’t met any other people yet, but will come to the ocean people kind of soon.


      • Hi, some proposals :
        For the territory under the ocean: Subaria (a play with sub and area, I once read a book about a society on the seabed, and that author use sub- all the time: sub-surface, sub-city, sub-craft… no variation at all!).
        The ice territory: Isidra
        Character name: Spax, Aidam (play with aid and the swedish word for lady (dam))
        Thats all for now, hope at least these proposals can trigger your imagination!


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