My Year in Books 2016


The year has come to an end and I managed to reach my goal on Goodreads, 46 out of 25 books read in a year (I am about a third in in Metro 2034, but I won’t finish it before the challenge resets tomorrow at midnight unfortunately). Not too bad if I may say so myself. Many of them were very short, and my to-read-list right now only includes long books, so I won’t take 50 for next year’s challenge, but 40. I hope that I will reach all the way to 50 and beat my all time high of 47 which I had in 2013. No wonder I read so much that year, I was living in San Diego and it was obligatory to always read when at the beach, which I was all the time!



Books read vs. pages read during the years.

My Year in Books 2016.

5 thoughts on “My Year in Books 2016

  1. Do you have any plans to read the two first books of Lars Wilderäng, Midvintermörker and Midsommargryning? I have recently finished Stjärnklart (thanks for the tip!) and Stjärnfall is waiting for me at the bedside table.


      • When I closed the book I did not think it was that good, so I was a bit disappointed to be honest (I read the whole book in one go), but when I found my self being surprised that we had electricity and tap water and my phone worked, I realized that it really had me hooked, so it must have been really good! Glad that I have two more to go!


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