Tonight was a roommate night. We hung out in the living room for a couple of hours before we went downtown where we went to the movie theatre and watched the new DreamWorks movie Home with Jim Parsons as the lead voice. We were the only ones in the whole room and that was kinda nice actually. The movie was super cute and I am glad we watched it. Afterwards we drove to Albertson’s where I bought butter for the banana bread. We have so many frozen bananas so I thought it was time to bake again. This time it turned out the best yet, and one of our neighbors, Cody, said that with chocolate chips in it, it would have been the best banana bread he ever had. It was really good. This time I took ¾ cup normal white sugar and ¼ brown sugar instead of just all white sugar. It turned out pretty well.

This whole day (well, after I woke up at noon) I was at the pool with a bunch of guys from the building. It was a very nice day and I got a lot of reading done. 40 more pages and I am done with the first Artemis Fowl book. For some reason it takes longer to read a page in this book than in any other book I read. I think I have to switch page more times per actual page, if that makes any sense. eReaders.

Last night I spent $275. In a month I will take a scuba certification class at Cal Poly. This school is so cool, they offer so many untraditional classes. I was planning on shaping my own surfboard, but it would have been too much to take home. There are ceramics classes, chocolate classes, salsa dancing. During five days in May I will be at the Rec Center pool and out in the ocean to get my scuba certification. I am so excited!!

Now it is very late, and I am seeing double and this banana bread coma is not helping. Goodnight!

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