Mockingjay Part I

This morning I was supposed to get up at 9am to study and be productive. But instead, I snoozed for two hours and did laundry. My bed is way too comfortable with this memory foam mattress. (Not complaining, I LOVE MY BED)

Kelsey and I went to the movies today and we saw, like you probably guessed, Mockingjay Part I. It was a long time ago I read the books but I loved the movie and it felt like it was very similar to the book. Well, the first half of the book. I am glad I know what will happen, otherwise I would go nuts with that ending.

Before that we went to Target, where I bought a few things, chocolate included, but also snacks for my long airplane ride in two weeks. I realized today that I won’t have meals served and it is 13 hours so I need something. I bought bars and that should work with the occasional coffee on the layovers.

I tried to study some, but gave up before I even started. I did finish my study guide for Sustainable Environments, so something got done. I might do something tomorrow before Kelsey and I leave for Los Angeles. I am excited for that trip. I think I will be able to update, but if not, I will be back in SLO Friday afternoon for a whole weekend of alone-time and studying.

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