This morning was scary. I have passed out (like for real when I get unconcious) three times in my whole life. And after this morning, if I didn’t know the signs for it that number would have been 7. Okay, it wouldn’t… But whatever. In the timespan of an hour I had to lay down on the ground four times. First it happened when I was making breakfast. I had to sit down for a few minutes, but when I stood up slowly I could only do so for a couple of minutes before I had to sit down again. But I managed to take the food into my room and sit down. But that wasn’t enough. About ten minutes later I couldn’t even sit on my chair, I had to lay down on the floor for five minutes. And that same thing happened again. I was afraid I wasn’t gonna make it to class so I emailed my teacher, but at 7:25 I felt okay and rode my bike there anyway and wasn’t even late. I’ve been feeling crappy today as well, but I didn’t feel like passing out again which is good.

I didn’t go home during my four hour break, so first I had lunch with Kelsey and then I went to the library to try and do the homework. But three hours later I had only finished 1 out of 8 problems. And at three I had to go to my lab class. Those homeworks are stupid. Way too hard. But I am gonna work on it the whole day tomorrow!

After the lab I finished my paper but I am not gonna hand it in just yet. I wanna reread it at least one more time. And after that I have been trying to summarize the last few weeks in Architecture History. The midterm is coming up and I want to be prepared. Since I won’t be able to study this weekend I wanna start early. For those of you who don’t know, I am going on a surf trip to Ventura with Poly Escapes. I am super excited and I will get my GoPro camera tomorrow so I will be able to document the whole thing :).

Now I will go to bed and read, I haven’t done that in forever so my eReader automatically turned itself off, which it does after like three days of being inactive. I have to start reading again, otherwise my 800 books long list will never shrink.

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