Another cold

I just got rid of the cough I had and now I have another cold. This time it’s not the throat though, but my nose and sinuses. The ClearQuil works, but when I wake up it feels like half my head is gonna explode. And during the day I feel feverish and I didn’t accomplish much today unfortunately. I was gonna get up at 10am to first finish my paper and then start on my homework for Transportation Engineering. I snoozed for 40 minutes and then realized that I would not be able to leave the bed for at least two more hours, so I went back to sleep and woke up at 12:30 sometime and went up for some breakfast at 1pm.

I wrote a lot on my paper and now I only have a short ending to the paper to write. So that is good. But I didn’t do the homework, I was feeling way too crappy for that. So I will buckle up and do it tomorrow instead.

I bought some very expensive ice cream at the Village Market and now I will move my computer to bed, watch The Flash and eat ice cream. Hopefully fall asleep early…

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