I couldn’t fall asleep until 3 am last night again. My average hours of sleep is very low right now because of this stupid cough. I had just fallen asleep when I woke up because I couldn’t stop coughing. I took something for the congestion in my chest and got an extra pillow from Rachel and could after a long while finally fall asleep.

I didn’t feel bad when I woke up for some reason. Not tired at all. It’s surprising how well you can function with way too little sleep.

In my first class at 7:40am (Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering) we got our midterms back. I have to say that I am disappointed. I got below average. I wouldn’t say that it was bad, but when everyone said that 60-70% was pretty bad I started feeling bad. I got 66/100. And I skipped one question which gave 25p. So taking that into consideration I didn’t do too bad. I hope this doesn’t mean a fail (average was 78). I think I remember the teacher telling us in the beginning of the quarter that he would curve us. That basically means that he takes the average and makes that a C. But that would mean I would fail. And I can’t fail, I would be deported if I failed a class… BUT, he said in class that I and Johanna had just done our first midterm ever in our life and that we both survived and then everyone applauded us. Haha, funny.

We didn’t get our results in Architecture history class yet. I have higher hopes on that one. I really like that class, it is interesting. All of my classes are. I hope it will be as good next quarter.

After that class I went to the Health Center again. The sign said 1-2 hours of waiting because of staff meetings. I thought it was worth it and it didn’t take more than an hour anyway. The first nurse who helped me gave me a mask to cover my mouth. Silly. The doctor I met a little bit later asked me some questions and then told me what he would give me. He told me he didn’t wanna give me antibiotics because it probably was a virus and it could get worse with it. He told me that like he thought that’s what I wanted to have. Silly Americans. I don’t want antibiotics, I know that it is not good to overuse it. So he told me to get a mucus relief non-prescription medicine and cough drops. He also gave me a prescription with promethazine and codeine to surpress my cough and help me sleep at night. I really hope this work. If it doesn’t get better by Friday I have to come back and take tests and probably get heavier medicine. He told me that if you try to keep cough in, you can get pneumonia. I don’t wanna have that. I haven’t tried the codeine thing yet, I will do It right before I go to bed so I can sleep well for once. I bought all the things at the pharmacy in the Health Center, and it all was just $9 and the visit was free. Awesome!

At home I had a quinoa salad for lunch and then I took a nap for an hour and I managed to fall asleep right away. That felt really good.

At 3pm I went to the lab and we got the results from our last lab report. A 10/10. I’m doing best in that class, that’s for sure. Or maybe the Sustainable Environments class, I haven’t gotten anything graded there yet, but it feels like I’m doing well.

We divided ourselves into groups again, I ended up in the same group I’ve been in the last week. We prepared for Thursday for the rest of the time. On Thursday we are gonna sit at an intersection on campus and count the traffic, cars, buses, pedestrians and bicycles. That will be interesting.

On our way home I and Johanna stopped by the international center quickly. I realized today that I am not taking a majority of my units in the College of Engineering which I have to to maintain my visa status (I guess I could get deported if I didn’t fulfill it). This quarter I am taking 5 units in the College of Engineering and 8 in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. I really thought that the Architecure History class was in College of Engineering (don’t ask me why, I realize now that that was stupid). I panicked and I told Johanna and she said that she was in the same situation. So we went there and talked to a woman there. Apparently it is not a big deal. As long as it is approved by our program at our home university it is fine. Such a relief!

Rachel and Kelsey were home when I got home and we had a long and interesting conversation about religion. I am aware that talking about religion here in USA is a bit sensitive but I enjoyed it and I totally respect other people’s beliefs. I found out that I am the first atheist Kelsey ever met. And they are, both of them (I don’t know about Lauren), the first I’ve ever met who believe in it all, for example the whole Adam and Eve creation thing. They told me it sounded so unbelievable that everything was created with a big bang and then cells developed into things and then eventually crawled out of the ocean and slowly developed into what we look like today. So I asked them if it made more sense that God made Adam from clay and then took one of his ribs and made Eve. They both said yes. I respect their beliefs and will not try to convince them of anything else. But it is actually a bit weird meeting people who  believe that that is what happened. I could never in my life think that there is a guy/girl above the clouds who made a clayman and then created life in seven days. I do love religion though, like learning about all of them and try to understand why people believe the things they believe. So I told myself that I would take some extra units after Christmas and take a World Religion class if there was such a thing here at Cal Poly. But there isn’t. I wonder why. Maybe I should take a class at GU (University of Gothenburg) when I get back, just for fun. I don’t think I will have too much to do anyway.

Now they all are at a CRU-meeting which I learned today is kinda exactly like the church on Sunday’s, except this is for college students. I wanted to stay home, so I could go to bed early. I actually already feel tired. But it will be hard going to bed when I know I don’t have to get up early tomorrow. We’ll see what I end up doing.

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