No Health Center

I woke up at six this morning because I was coughing. That went on for an hour and a half before I could go back to sleep. So after a long skype date with mom I went to the health center, but what I didn’t know was that everyone else was sick too. It would have taken me 1-2 hours and I had to meet up with my lab group an hour later to write the report. Stupid. I will have to go there tomorrow between my classes instead. Four hours should be enough and I hope I will have time to go home and have lunch before the lab at 3pm. It feels like it is going away, but I am still coughing too much for me to not do anything about it.

After we finished the 3 page-report about the dynamical cone penetration test we did on Thursday I went home, and talked to neighbors and played Guild Wars 2. I haven’t played that since I move to SLO. I missed it. The next chapter in the living world season hasn’t come yet though which is surprising. Well well. Halloween is going on right now.

I don’t get tired anymore. I don’t know if I all of a sudden grew up and don’t need as much sleep anymore (the same thing happened with my metabolism a couple of years back). I don’t like growing up. Or maybe I do?

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