4th day of WoW

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I was too tired to update last night. It was another long day with lots of fun activities. So we met up at 9 am and then we were all separated so we could go to advisors meetings with our different colleges (I am in College of Engineering, but there are also College of Agriculture, Liberal Arts and all thos different majors). It was okay, but I guess I could have slept for another hour. At the end of that there was a raffle and for once I actually won. I got a bag (you want bags here, all the free bags you can get is awesome since you don’t get free bags in the stores) with stuff in it. The best thing was post-it notes, I actually needed that.

At 10:15 we met up at our SMP (Specia Meeting Place) to go do archery. I’ve never done it and was so excited to do it. It was really fun, but hard. Because of my beach volleyball skills I had an okay posture, but the results weren’t as good.

Archery ArcheryMy WoW group <3.

Back to campus after an hour or so so I could eat a quick lunch with Johanna before we went to the mandatory international student orientation. We randomly met up with like 8 other Swedish students on the way there. That meeting was kinda silly. It was nice to get a face on Susan Tripp, a woman I’ve been emailing this whole summer. Then we were divided into smaller groups and got information from an IPC. They told us things I already know, like the cultur here. It was a bit unecessary in my opinion, but I don’t think I missed anything with WoW.

Meet up at SMP again to go bouldering which is rock  climbing but without ropes so it’s not that high. It was fun, but my arms were like spaghetti afterwards. I managed to reach the top on two different V0’s which is the easiest path to climb. The higher number, the harder it is. For me a 0 was ”lagom”.

Bouldering Bouldering

Our next thing on the agenda was dinner which was just salad and meat. And let’s see…. What was after that… We do so much stuff it’s hard to remember what we did. It must have been bowling though. I bowled with four guys from the group. I am actually not good at bowling, but those guys were not good at all, so I won with big marigins. It was very fun, not winning, but playing with them :).

Flight simulatorOh yeah, we went for half an hour to the flight simulator club too. It was fun but nothing for me. Bowling

We had to hurry to our next thing which was inside the Performing Arts Center which is also on campus (oh yeah, the only bowling alley in SLO is on Cal Poly campus). It was a improv comedy thing with a group of students from school. It was called Smile and Nod. They were really good and came up with funny things right on the spot. We yelled suggestions for them to do, and they did a really good job. I laughed a lot last night as well!

And then we were supposed to play glow in the dark capture the flag with other transfer groups, but none of us didn’t really want to do it. I was up for it, even if it was like 11pm and I was exhausted. I somehow had energy. We decided to go to our last thing for the day instead, which was SLOdocu, the donut shop that is open 24/7. I can count how many donuts I’ve had on one hand, and I am impressed bu myself that I haven’t had more. They are so delicious. I had an old fashioned glazed with maple. It was the tiniest they had.

We walked back to Cal Poly and said goodbye. I wasn’t that tired and Ryan had just figured out how to watch Doctor Who from the BBC UK website so I stayed at his place for an hour to watch the next episode I hadn’t seen. There is another out, and the fifth episode of the season is aired tomorrow night. I am so glad I can watch Doctor Who this year, I was afraid that I couldn’t since it is a Brittish show. The American shows you can watch from the network’s website here in the US.

I got home around 1:30am and fell asleep instantly. Today there are a lot of things on the agenda as well, but I don’t have time to mention any of it now, I need to eat breakfast, get dressed and go to SMP to start up the day. It’s great that we are gonna meet up at 10:45 today instead of 8:15.

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