3rd day of WoW

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Halfway through WoW now. Like all the other days it was full of activities, and I took a break for like 7 hours and still did a ton of stuff. The day started with a small hike up on the mountain behind PCV. Up there they have something called the Architecture Graveyard where architects at Cal Poly put their senior projects many many years ago. It was cool and not too bad of a morning hike. I was extremely tired though after just 5 hours of sleep so it was a bit rough. It also rained a little during the hike, that was nice.

Architecture Graveyard Architecture Graveyard Architecture Graveyard Architecture GraveyardThis is why California is called the Golden State. Not because of the God Rush back in the days and not because of the constant sun, but because everything dies and it gets golden. Architecture GraveyardI heard someone say that the graveyard was about 40-50 years old. Poly Canyon Village, PCVThis is my village where I live. I am in the grey building farthest to the right in this picture. A LOT of students live here, and there are so many other student housing on campus. 19 000 students go to Cal Poly.

After that I was planning on going to the beach with Ryan (a guy from my WoW group), one of my roomies, a German girl named Carolin (who I met at the hostel this weekend and then have been seeing a few times after that at the school) and Johanna. The weather was really bad though, okay, not really bad, I am still in California. But it wasn’t beach weather, so we decided to go to Target and do some shopping instead. I bought a lot of things to the apartment for all of us but also stuff for me, like detergent and a laundry bag. Then we did some grocery shopping so now I finally have some food on my shelves. Feels good!

When I got home at like 1pm I called Hertz about the extra charge they took for a car upgrade which I wasn’t aware of. Apparently it was an upgrade but no one told me that, nothing at all. Just giving me my reciept without telling me what it was about and just let me sign without knowing. I should have read it through or something, but he shouldn’t have taken advantage of me as a foreigner after I just got off a real long flight from half across the world. Not okay!! So I won’t get those $40 back, but the lady on the phone heard how upset I was so she is gonna give $20 back. It’s better than nothing, but I should have had it all back… Stupid Hertz!

My next thing I really needed to do was learn how to transfer money from my Swedish account to my American one. It is easier said than done. I called the bank to ask for the SWIFT number, but I also needed a ”bankkontorskod” which I didn’t know about because it said either a BIC/SWIFT number OR a bank office code. I am guessing that that code is the same as Wire Routing Number, but I am not sure. So I made a test transfer of $2 and the fees for that will probably be $20. But I would rather lose about $20 instead of $5000. If this works then that would be great, I will transfer some of the money I have and pay all the rents for the fall quarter at one time so I don’t have to worry about nothaving enough money. I also don’t know how long it takes for money to transfer from Sweden to USA. I hope it is not too long. The 1st of October is getting closer.

That banking business took a lot of time so I only had time for a shower before I needed to leave. First I stopped by Ryan’s (who’s just five doors down the corridor) and had a cup of tea and then we headed to dinner on campus.

When we were done eating and everyone was there we took the bus to downtown. I learned from one of the leaders how to use the SLO transit app and the only thing I need to do now is learn which routes goes to where and then I am good to go. So, every Thursday there is a Farmer’s Market downtown. The whole main street is shut off and stalls cover the whole street. A lot of foods and other things, especially fruits and vegetables. I didn’t buy anything, we only had an hour there. Then we walked back to campus where we sat for a while before heading to the Rec Center where we were gonna watch a hypnotist show. That was so hilarious. He took up a bunch of people from the crowd on the podium, probably like 30. And then he had complete control over them for the next more than an hour probably. He made them smell imaginary farts, made them sing and perform Britney Spears and Lady Gaga songs and other fun things. I laughed so hard my tummy hurt! I had a hard time hearing what he said though so I missed most of the things, so I should probably try and see another one again sometime.

Hypnotist showThese guys were dancing ballet. So pretty and magical!

We got dismissed at 00:30 and now, an hour later, it is definitely time to go to bed. On tomorrow’s schedule is archery, bouldering, glow in the dark capture the flag, donuts and I think they said bowling as well. I am also going to a mandatory international student orientation for an hour during the day. I don’t know what I’m gonna miss, I know it is not archery which I am so glad for. I’ve always wanted to try archery.

Now after a few days with the people in the group it feels much better, we are getting to know eachother and are having such a fun time. At least I am :).

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