Move in

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Another long day and all the sun has made me very very tired, even if I slept for probably 10 hours last night. I started the day by moving in to my room on campus. I got help from Johanna’s IPC (International Peerl Contact) (mine was in San Francisco) with moving my two suitcases to campus. Very very nice of her. I just put my things in my room, packed a beach bag and we all went to the IPC’s house so she could make breakfast to her roommates. After that she took me to Target to buy some bedding and needful things lige hangers and a blanket.

Right when we were done Johanna and one of her roommates came and picked me up and we went to Avila Beach which is the closest beach to SLO. It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to go there, but it would probably take 30-40 with a bike. It was not a huge beach and it had some seaweeds on it, but it was nice anyway. It felt so good being back on a Californian beach, even if the difference between San Diego and San Luis Obispo is pretty big. It was one of the most beautiful days up there people told me. My phone told me 29C and with the sea breeze it was perfect. The sky was completely blue and it was just a wonderful day. First we spent lika a couple of hours lying at the beach and going in the water. It was cold, but nice once we were in. Soon thereafter we went a little bit north of the beach where we rented stand up paddle boards (SUP). We had them for an hour and went along the coast to a lighthouse. On the way out we saw a lot of seals, sea lions and some pelicans. The seals were actually right off the beach where people were. Curious little things. One of the seals also came up like two meters in front of my board and I got so surprised I almost fell in (which I never did during that whole hour). It was kinda like on Hawaii, but with seals instead of giant turtles, which by the way gave me the same reaction.

I was really exhausted after that. Both from the hard workout, but also from being out in the sun for so long (4 hours maybe?). I haven’t been out in the sun for that long since Hawaii in January!

I did get burned today. In my face and on my chest. Even though I put sunscreen on three times! This is a sign that I need my Beach Defense SPF 30! Nivea sun 20 isn’t good enough. When I went to Target yesterday they were out of stock. And I forgot to look for it today. I will need to buy that as soon as possible unless I want to look like a crayfish.

Avila Beach

I got driven home where I put my bedding on the bed which wasn’t very easy (completely unnecessary by the way to bring my own sheets), but I succeeded eventually. The bed is very hard though so I hope I won’t have trouble sleeping. I haven’t unpacked anything else of my things yet. I am too tired. I have been trying to get my phone to know that I am in the US instead of in Sweden, because I can’t download important apps. It worked out eventually after a phone call with google and a lot of googling before that.

I also had a lot of troubles with connecting to the WiFi here. My computer’s been acting weirdly with new WiFi’s. With my deep-buried computer skills I solved it both at the hostel and here. I still haven’t gotten it to work on my phone, but that’s because of another reason. I hope I can get it to work soon, the data reception isn’t that good in here.

Kitchen + living roomI am standing right inside of the door to the apartment and this is the kitchen and the living room. To the right is a corridor with four locked bedrooms and two bathrooms. My messy roomThis is my bedroom right when I moved in with all my stuff. I am too tired to unpack anything yet. Maybe tomorrow or the day after that (depending on what WoW offers tomorrow night). View from my windowThe view from my room, it could definitely be worse :).

I am alone tonight, the other girls are coming tomorrow or the day after that, I don’t really remember when. I have lots of things to do tomorrow again. First get my American bank account, then I need to check in at the international center, then get my PolyCard, then check in to Week of Welcome and start the WoW activities at 2pm. I have also been invited to frat parties this week by one of Johanna’s IPC’s roommates. That will be fun ;).

Now I will go to bed for the first time in my new bed!

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