10 hour day

This morning when I got in to work I got a special assignment from one of my supervisors. I got ten minutes of extra pay for going around to all the attractions at Balderado handing out new schedules. It  was hard finding the right way to both Balder and Kållerado, but I managed. So my first few hours of the day, until lunch I was at Balderado, and after lunch I was at Berget. It was perfect with that combination on such a long day.

I have been extremely tired today. Five days in a row of working late and closing attractions is getting to me. And this day’s ending was even worse than the rest. I was at Helix and the OP forgot to tell me that I could go home at 11. Everyone else got off at 11:20. That meant that I missed my tram home and got home at midnight instead of half past eleven. That sucked. We also had to close down Helix very sudden because one of the mechanics called and told us to absolutely not send another train on the tracks. It was weird.

Now I need to go to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow, work until 6pm and then have a cozy taco evening with Emma and Andrea :). I really look forward to that!

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