1 month left

I can’t believe I only have one month left in this country. In exactly a month (1am on September 13th) I will be a few hours away from Los Angeles. This summer went by so fast. Well, to be honest, the past couple of years just disappeared. I have mixed feelings about going back to Cali. It will be a great experience being an exchange student at an American university, and my English will improve so much. But I have more to miss in Sweden now compared to last time. So many new friends, a boyfriend.

The EDES 406 class worked out. I tried to enroll in a new class last night but it didn’t work. So I emailed the person I’ve been on contact with for the past months about everything, and she said that as long as I’ve talked to the professor of the class everything will be fine. I’ve chosen to believe her. No point in being worried.

At the end of this week I will decide how I will go to SLO from LA, probably with a rental car. And then I will need to book a bed at a hostel in SLO for my first two nights. And that is it, except for packing which I will start doing in September. I want to live normally for as long as possible.


Yesterday the weather was craxy here in Gothenburg. I think it is the fall that is coming. One moment we had sun, the next it was pouring down, and all the time it was extremely windy. Almost too windy to operate the attractions up on the mountain. The sky was dark and it looked like a thunderstorm would start at any moment. But it never came. It was gone before anything happened.

I had a pretty rough schedule with just hourly passes. One hour at Höjdskräcken, one hour at Helix and so on. SOme half hours are nice. During my last 1,5 hours at Helix a guy asked me to take a selfie of them while they were sitting on the Helix train. I should have taken a selfie of myself. But the point is that he used to word selfie instead of photo which was weird. A selfie is when you take a photo of yourself, while taking a photo of someone else is just taking a photo. Today’s youth!


Five out of six days this week I work until closing. It takes a lot of energy and not getting enough sleep is getting to me. I’ve been so exhausted today! I should probably go to bed now, but I think Chad’s parents wanted to Skype, that would be the first time. Exciting, but I could probably be a betterm e when I’m not this tired.

Tomorrow I have a 10 hour working day. Noon to 11pm.That will be a tough day. I don’t think I will get up earlier to study like I have all the other days this week. I think I need the sleep! But I have felt really good about myself for solving one problem each day before work. On Friday I will sit down most of the day while the pulled pork will be cooking in the oven. The same on Saturday. And Sunday morning, and all the other days until August 27th.

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