Colder weather

It has definitely been colder today, but still pretty warm, 24C. Lots of people though. Höjdskräcken had a really really long line for once. Annoying! I’ve started to rethink my fondness of that attraction actually. I don’t understand why they only put three seats on each side (four sides) when most people at Liseberg go in pairs. And when they demand to wait for the next ride because they wanna sit next to each other is really starting to get me angry. Especially when there is a long line!

The day went by pretty fast, got off at six and haven’t done anything since, except petting my cats at mom’s and picking up some tiny screwdrivers for my sunglasses. The electrical tape wasn’t enough and I’m not sure this solution with an iron wire works either… Poor glasses!

I don’t feel like I have something of importance to write about so I will just stop now and go to bed. I am sleeping very badly for some unknown reason and I think that, in addition to the heat makes me this tired… Tomorrow it will be around 20C and lots of rain and thunder! Nice 🙂

Today it is exactly 2 months until my departure by the way! 2 months and I will be back in beautiful Cali! ❤

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