Three days of extreme heat

I’ve been feeling really bad today. Three long days of working in this ridiculous heat isn’t that good apparently. It was okay until I had one hour at Höjdskräcken when the booth was like a sauna and nothing made it better. The AC was on its highest, but it was still more than 30C in there. It’s been hard to think and move and it feels like my inside are boiling. To recheck all the safety restraints because something happened didn’t make me to happy, I have to admit. Doing unnecessary work under the burning sun today took a lot of energy. But I survived my six hours! I am very sore and so extremely exhausted! I’ve worked 26 hours in three days in this weather, no wonder I feel totally beat up!

I have been without candy since last Thursday (that’s 8 days!!) and felt that I really needed it today, so I bought a bag of bulk candy on my way home from work. I ate some while watching Revolution and now I am so tired I’m seeing double. So I think I will head to bed now. Without any Guild Wars 2…

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