5th day of work

My 5th day at Liseberg is over and I am still in love with it. I love working with people so this is really perfect for me. Of course there are annoying people and some scary and angry people too, but I haven’t met them yet. Not the angry ones at least! But annoying, the “Guldpass” kids who think they are soooo coool but really aren’t. I can tell that people appreciate what I am doing for them, and that is such a good feeling! For example when you say something funny when the guests are at the top of AtmosFear and are laughing and giving my high fives or thumbs up when they are down. It’s amazing!

Today there was a young guy, maybe 17, who threw kisses at me when I was in the booth pressing buttons on AtmosFear. He waved all the time too and smiled and just being silly. Yesterday though there was an older guy (about my age) who flirted with me when I was at Höjdskräcken. I didn’t notice it at first, and then my colleague told me about it. As long as it is innocent it’s actually a bit fun to be recognized.

Today there were also a gang of Guldpasskids who were pretty okay. I checked their bracelets and one of them checked my nametag and greeted me by name. I greeted him back and he told me his name was Hugo. When I a few moments later checked his safety things right before I started the ride he asked me to make the ride even scarier. I thought about what I could say in the mic, but I seriously think AtmosFear is the scariest attraction so I said something like this: “My new friend Hugo wanted me to make this ride as scary as possible, but since this already is the scariest attraction in the park, the only thing I can do is to wish you Good Luck!” And right then it dropped. Of course I said this with a very serious voice. He thought that was very funny!

I was supposed to get Helix, the brand new and extremely popular rollercoaster. But one of the attractions in our area was broken and a lot of people were sick from other areas so I was at AtmosFear most of the day. I had my test on Höjdskräcken and passed it galantly! I am in the pool which means I will get as many attractions as possible, so I will get a new one tomorrow, and that will probably be the rollercoaster. So super cool! That will also mean that I am allowed to go on the ride while I am in training on that attraction. I’ve never gone on it. I hope I dare and won’t be crying when I get back to the platform and back to work…


I won’t start working until 1pm tomorrow so I will have time to be in school before that and work on the presentation and watch a couple. We all need to do that to get our thesis approved. My ambition is to be there at 8am, and then go straight to work. It’s gonna be a long day. But then I have my “weekend” when I will have to give two thesis presentations. But that will be easy.

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