3 attractions

Three super intense days are over and I seriously have a hard time standing up right now. Everything hurts, but I am happy. I really feel at home at Liseberg, already made a lot of friends and I don’t feel weird goofing around with the guests. I love it!

I have had three full days so far and I’ve learned three attractions. Well, the third I got tonight, one hour before I got off, but still, that’s not too bad! My first attraction on Wednesday was the big ferris wheel, Lisebergshjulet. I am glad I got that one as my first, it is really easy. So easy that a day later I was an approved driver of that attraction. I am not allowed to push the buttons on that one, but only check people’s tickets, get them safely aboard the gondolas, let them out, and hang out with them when they are waiting. Super easy and fun.

On my second day I first had a checkup on the wheel, to make sure that I knew everything and I had time to ask questions. The next two hours I was at Atmosfear, the big free fall up on the mountain on Liseberg. And after all that new information I had the “test” on Lisebershjulet. I managed though and had three hours in total on there all by myself (except for the operator who pushes the buttons in the side room). I did good and had fun there!

Atmosfear is harder! There I need to press buttons, and there are a lot of them. But I’ve learned and did really well on the “test” this afternoon. A test is pretty much just a supervisor asking questions about the attraction. How to open it, how to run it, how to close it and what the normal errors are. It is so much easier to “study” for this instead of an exam at a university. It is easier to learn by doing instead of learn by reading. I had a few hours today by myself after that and it was fun. I felt more secure when no one was watching my every move. And I could say anything in the microphone without feeling stupid. That’s something that gets easier every time you do it. It is extremely fun for example to count down when they are on the top and stop on 7 or something. Or repeat on number several times; 10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7…. When they come down after that and have stopped screaming they start to laugh and one time they applauded. I need to come up with fun lines to say. The fun thing about Atmosfear is that I can talk to them on all the way up, there are speakers on the gondola. Extremely fun! I also counted backwards in German today.

My third attraction, that I just got an introduction to is Höjdskräcken. It is very similar to Atmosfear, it is a free fall but smaller and is actually pushed down from the top instead of just being dropped. It is only 12 seats on it instead of 36 and I will be completely alone on that one when I get it approved. And you can’t talk to the guest when they are up in the air. I guess there are other ways to entertain myself on that one. Need to figure them out though.

My first two days I worked until 11pm and tonight to 8pm. I don’t have time for much else right now. I would have worked on the thesis when I got home, but I forgot my notes at Liseberg, so I will study on my breaks tomorrow. I have another 8pm day tomorrow and on Sunday I will only work until 6pm. Luxury! In total I will have worked 7 days straight before my first “weekend” on Tuesday and Wednesday. And that’s when I have my thesis presentations. I can’t say how much I want that to be over so I can enjoy work more and get a routine on my life again.


If anyone can come up with fun things to say in the microphone (or just straight to the guests), please tell me. I want to be a fun Liseberger! 🙂

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