Ever since their latest album was released last week I haven’t listened to anything else. That whole album is amazing!! I kinda decided that I wanted to go to the concert on June 1st. But it looks like I am on a four-day training for Liseberg then. But I am not complaining.

Since I am not completely sure that I have the job at Liseberg I went to a job interview for home service today. It took more than an hour and it sounded really interesting. I think it could be a fun job for the summer. But Liseberg has always been a dream, so that’s my priority. The only thing home services wanted was a couple of references, so I need to get that first before they will offer me the job. The interviewer told me several times during that I seemed very nice and interesting and would do well there. That’s always fun to hear.

This morning I was in school with my partner writing on the report. I don’t like this part of the thesis. I love to write, but about stuff I like and with a “talking language”. Writing technical is so hard!!


The last thing I will write before I go to bed is that I am seriously thinking about a Master’s degree. Chalmers offers a program called Leadership and Learning which would make me a “civilingenjör” in Swedish (in English I think it is just called a Master of Science degree) and a high school teacher at the same time. The more I think about it the more I want to do it! And that also means that I can keep my apartment for two more years, which will give me a total of three years extra  queue time on With more than six years of queueing I will have to get a nice apartment in an area I want to live in! With three, like I have now, it is impossible to get anything. The housing situation in Gothenburg is the worst ever!!

I had a way too big dinner, and my 57kg is a lot more now. But my spaghetti with meatsauce was delicious, so it was worth it. But I have to remember to make smaller lunch boxes. I watched Game of Thrones while I ate and I was surprised there was no nudity at all in this episode. Weird!

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