Job interviews and thesis meetings

Yesterday morning I was heading to my first job interview in almost two years. I was a bit nervous, but not too much to be honest. For some reason (maybe the American in me) I was calm and I had a good feeling in my gut.

I thought the interview was fun. I’ve never been to a group interview before so it was definitely a new experience. It was also something new, walking around in the park when it was closed. There were machines everywhere and people in yellow vests running around.

After the interview I took the bus back home, had a little lunch and then went to Chalmers for my first meeting about my thesis. I was confused, because I don’t know anything about it to be honest. I have read the description of the project, but I don’t know how we a thesis is supposed to be done, what to do when and so on. And I was still very confused when I left our examinator’s office. We got some questions for the meeting we had this afternoon with the company we are gonna work with, Veidekke.


This morning I got a very happy email from Liseberg. They told me that they want me for a second interview next week already! So the first interview was for Liseberg in general and the second one is with different departments they saw fit for us. And I will have an interview with the café department inside the park. I’ve always wanted to work in a café, so I am really excited right now.

Later this afternoon I had my second meeting about my thesis, but this time with the company. I went there confused but left with a clearer view on what to do. Now we now pretty much what we are gonna do. We just have to make a time schedule and write a description of the project. It’s still a bit confused, but we have our next meeting with our examinator and mentor at Chalmers next Wednesday and a week with Veidekke the week after. I think we will make this work :). Once again I have a good feeling about it.

I just have to do that stupid library/information search online class sometime soon. If I don’t I’m not allowed to do my thesis. But I blame my jetlag. I actually have been feeling rather crappy this last week…


On my way home from that meeting I got a call from Cultural Care. They wanted to know what type of job I was expecting and what they had available right now. They have a spot as a helper and interviewer at information meetings with future au pairs. They also said something about school visits and fairs I think. But the meetings are the main thing and that’s once or twice per month. That would be so much fun! So the girl doing the meetings are gonna call me with more information. Awesome!

Everything is so working out and I feel that my life is really awesome right now :).

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