This morning I woke up at 8am. It’s Sunday and it sucks big time. I also woke up twice during the night at 3 and 5 but could go back to sleep after like ten minutes. It’s like the jetlag had a few days delay.

Today I went to IKEA with mom. I got a new pillow, the one I have had the last six days has been so extremely flat. Mom also bought a new frying pan and diod lamps for her closet. We had lunch and I think I have to say that the meatballs and mashed potatoes were better in San Diego. More flavor. But it is way better that you can choose how much food you want here. 8 meatballs is still a lot, but better than 15. We bought some jam and then drove back home.

The rest of the day we didn’t do anything. Well, mom installed the lamps but I’ve been so extremely tired so I’ve just been in my bed watching How I Met Your Mother. Stupid jetlag. I so wanted to go to bed at 6pm, but if I did I probably would have woken up at 4am tomorrow. And tomorrow is an important day, I have to be at my best for the job interview at Liseberg! I have a good feeling about it, but of course I’m still nervous, it is a job interview.

Wish me luck!

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