The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I can’t believe there’s gonna be three movies out of that one book! It’s crazy. It feels like they’ve added a lot of stuff. I don’t even understand how there can be a third movie when the second one ended with Smaug attacking the Lake Town. And I can’t remember there being anything about Sauron and how he became the eye in the book? I think I have to reread it. It was a while ago and I don’t remember anything at all from it, I was 13 or something.

It was a very good movie anyway and I look forward to the next one on Dec 17th next year!

This morning was spent at the beach again with Johanna and the beachvolleyball people. The day started with a bunch of dolphins in the water. It probably was like six of them. Then I played a lot of games with Chad and we actually won three in a row at the end. It was windy and it screwed my serves up surprisingly much. But in general I played pretty well.

After that I and Lovisa went to Broken Yolk for brunch. I feel so unhealthy. But I haven’t gained any weight after the Holidays. I’m still at 132lbs. Tomorrow we will head out to Escondido and The Cheesecake Factory again for Cati’s late birthday dinner. I will be unhealthy there too and take my favorite, the chicken in creamy sauce with roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes. And the cheesecake… I don’t know which one yet.
I saw the other day that I have accidently had one cheesecake twice, Chris Outrageous…

I’ve been at the beach almost every day this week and it shows. My tan is slowly coming back again. Not that I really need it (I’m still way more tan than I’ve ever been before), and I think 18 days on Hawaii will turn me into a gingerbread man again. I like being tan, it makes me feel fresh-looking. We’ll see how long it will last back in Sweden where the sun only exists a few days a year…

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