Happy Birthday, girl!

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

Today is the 11th birthday of one of my hostkids. She got breakfast, and by breakfast I mean a big cupcake and hot chocolate, in bed. In school she got like 6 Happy-Birthday-balloons. In the afternoon she wanted to take it easy, so she did a little homework, read and watched Doctor Who. I love it that she also love that show! Me and the boy did a lot of homework during that time and then we made Rainbow Loom bracelets. That is like therapy. It was really nice sitting there in the couch with the kids making those rubberband bracelets.

For dinner we had Swedish oven pancake and cookies and cream cake for dessert. It was okay, the cream was really good, but it was too much of the chocolate “cookie” part. I love chocolate in candy, but when it comes to cookies and cakes, I’m more of a vanilla person.

In my freetime I skyped with my adorable cousin Ella for two hours! We haven’t skyped since the beginning of the year and she has grown so much! I remember last time when she all of a sudden said goodbye because she was done talking to me. Now we just kept talking. They grow up so fast! The reason for the skype was because she had her 9th birthday on the 9th of November and she wanted to thank me for the gift I sent her. She was so happy about it! I sent her a pretty glitter card, an “E” key chain from Hollywood and an arts and crafts book. You take out the piece of paper, follow instructions and fold them into a 3D chic boutique. It made me so happy that she thanked me and was so happy about it. I already figured out what to get her (and her brothers, I think they would like that too) for Christmas. Not sure I will send it though. I will probably bring it when I visit when I’m back in Sweden again. It will be much more fun seeing her face in real life instead on Skype.

I didn’t have too much time after that, so I just had lunch, read a little and then picked up the kids. That book is just too awful. I was a bit hopeful, I think it was yesterday, but then the bad guys survived and now all hell is loose with just 150 pages left…
Stephen King is awesome!

It was very nice weather today. When I was sitting at the playground at the boy’s school this morning I had leggings and a sweater on and I was burning up. It’s been like 88F. That is around 30C. In November! This is just too crazy. Next time it’s that warm I will hang out at the pool. Unless it’s tomorrow, because tomorrow I will spend my freetime with Lovisa at IKEA. Hello Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, lingonberries and a little bit of home!

Rainbow LoomEvery kid here in SoCal are doing these rubberband bracelets now. And there are so many different designs to do with like a million different colors, including self glowing.

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