Wed Nov 13th

This is a first, I don’t know what to write even if it was a good day and stuff happened. So I guess this will be a short post. I went to the gym this morning for some spinning. I love Wednesday spinning, the instructor has good music and it’s not too hard, but the sweat is pouring anyway. In the afternoon there was homework with the boy and then he had a playdate. I drove the girl to soccer practice and right after work I met up with a new British girl for coffee. She was very nice and we already made plans on Sunday evening, Cheesecake Factory with Lovisa and maybe another girl too. That will be nice!

I guess I will head to bed now and read. I have less than 200 pages left in Under the Dome and I can’t see what’s gonna happen at all. Stephen King is too good. He has made me hate the characters in that book soo much!

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