Tooth infection

After today I don’t feel like moving back here. The American system doesn’t care about poor people, they are supposed to live their life in pain. I haven’t really understood how good of a country Sweden is and now that I need the free healthcare I miss home more than ever!

I haven’t slept in two days because of the pain in one of my stupid wisdom teeth. I have asked my dentist in Sweden several times if he could remove them but always said no and now I’m so angry with him for not doing what I asked. And now I’m stuck here, supposed to having the time of my life, but instead have a tooth that hurts like hell all the time.

I’m also very angry with Cultural Care for suggesting such a bad insurance to all au pairs. I paid so much for it and it only covers $200 in dental expenses, which is pretty much just the exam… How am I, as a very poor au pair, supposed to afford to remove a wisdom tooth with that?? The only two things that that insurance cover is cavities and wisdom teeth. STUPID!!

At least I got antibiotics and strong painkillers. Apparently my tooth is infected, which makes sense because it is pretty swollen. So now I have to eat penicillin for the next ten days. But it’s cool that I got those orange gallipots. And the medicine was cheap compared.

I hope the swelling goes away with the antibiotic so I can return to my normal tooth ache after that. Hopefully I will be able to get an appointment to remove them as soon as I get back to Sweden in February. I just found out that dental care is free until Dec 31st the year you turn 23, so I’m not in as much hurry as I first thought (except that I want them gone asap). I just have to find out if that includes pulling out teeth. It will be way cheaper for sure though, so I just have to hold it together for three more months…

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