Bad Monday

I’m so glad this horrible day is over. I just wish my tooth ache could go with it… My morning started with me almost passing out in the kitchen like five times. I sat down for a while, and as soon as I slowly stood up I felt like I was gonna faint, and that was pretty much the whole morning… And that wasn’t all, one of my wisdom teeth have been hurting like crazy today.  It started last night and it made me sleep really bad. Today it’s been the worst tooth ache I’ve ever had. Fortunately Advil is working pretty okay for a few hours. First thing I will do tomorrow is call Aetna and ask if dentistry is included in my insurance and try to make an appointment somewhere as soon as possible. Everyone here is so surprised that the dentists in Sweden didn’t pull mine out. I asked the same question last time I went in Sweden, but he just said that since they were growing straight there was no point in pulling them. Yeah, so I’m supposed to have tooth aches from hell every two months?

When the kids were at school I went to the postal office to send my cousin’s birthday present, I hope she will get it on time. And then I went to Party City. The dress I wanted wasn’t available in my size so I had to buy another 20s dress. Medium was the only size and it was a little too big. But with some safety pins I’m sure it will be alright.

Right back home for a long nap the rest of the morning. Felt a lot better after. I also finished the last Lost Files novella and then started reading something completely different, Under the Dome by Stephen King. The language is way harder than in the young adult books I’ve been reading lately, but I think I will get into it eventually. It’s more than 800 pages so this will probably take some time to finish.

I got my test results from the German test last week and I totally aced it! Not a single tiny error. Class today was about weather and family relations. Pretty easy, but I was tired, and my tooth hurt so I had a hard time focusing… I hope the Advil will start working soon so I can head to bed!

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