Busy Wednesday

No nap for me today even if I felt like I really needed one. But I think I came to an understanding today why I’ve been so tired lately. I’ve not been taking the B12-shots as often as I did in the beginning because I thought I only had 15 of them so I tried spreading them out during the rest of my year. But it turns out I can get as many as I want, so I will go and get one at least every two weeks from now on. It’s been really hard trying to function when all I can think about is sleeping.

Getting a shot was one of the things I did. I also went to the post office to pick up a packaged that was delivered on Friday, but I wasn’t here to sign. That was too bad, because that was an outfit I would have loved to have in Vegas. I also went to the library to print a lot of stuff, my flight itinerary to Hawaii, my application form for the exchange program and my picture of a German fashion model for homework this week. We were supposed to print a picture and then draw arrows and write what she/he was wearing.

After all that I only had time to make lunch and then it was time to pick up the kids. The boy had a playdate and the girl was at soccer practice so I had a little time for myself in the afternoon.

When I got off work I packed my German stuff to go to Chad’s, but the neighbor rang on the door telling us his exwife just got a puppy and he was taking care of it today or something like that. So I took the kids out to take a look at it and oh my god, it was so adorable! It was a mix of something and a chihuahua and it was fluffy and black. Three months old and the cutest thing ever. I got to hold it!

I spent the evening with Chad studying. I finished all my homework and started studying for the test on Monday. I don’t think that will be any big problem.


This morning was really hard and I had to bite my tongue and focus on patience. My hostdad drove the girl to school which meant that I had an hour at home with the boy before his school. He was allowed to be on the iPad for another ten minutes after he left and then I was gonna do some homework with him. But when I told the boy that the ten minutes were up he became so anti and angry and sad and everything. He definitely didn’t want to do any homework and just wanted to play on the iPad. I’m fine with him playing it, because I was totally like that when I was young too, I know how nice it was to spend some time in front of the TV or the super big computer (we didn’t have any iPads when I grew up…) after a lot of homework. But when he gets to play it and then gets super sad and angry because I tell him he has to do something else, that’s just too much. It’s impossible to reason with him and I don’t know how to handle it :(. Today I solved the problem by telling him that I was gonna call his dad. The boy claimed his dad told him he could do some reading after the iPad, when in fact he told me to do spelling with him. As soon as I mentioned the phone call, he came to his senses and came downstairs with me to do his spelling. Kids are so weird. One moment they are crying their eyes out, the next they are happy, like nothing happened. But they are still awesome and I wouldn’t change this year for anything in the world!!


The day was over really quickly, I can’t understand it’s Wednesday already…

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