Swedish dinner

I just finished a really simple but delicious dinner with my hostfamily. I felt like being extra Swedish today so I made mashed potatoes, meatballs, lingonberries and cream sauce. I did the same like I did a few weeks ago and everyone loved it! When the girl saw what I had made for dinner she thanked me so much for cooking that and gave me a really big hug. Simple but good!

This morning I had a headache but after my more than 2 hour nap it went away and I don’t feel as tired and exhausted as I did yesterday after the weekend.

The afternoon was mellow, the boy was at a playdate and the girl wanted to start reading Catching Fire so I read a little in The Rise of Nine. Halfway done already. Then I started with dinner and now it’s time for a shower. I have way too many errands that I have to do tomorrow.

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