Bad start of the week

As yesterday wasn’t enough with oversleeping, doublecharging of flight tickets, expired driver license and long phone queues. Today was pretty bad too. For some reason I snoozed twice instead of just once so I was a little stressed out this morning too. It’s so weird. I have no memory whatsoever of pressing the snooze button twice! Then I had to wait three hours at the DMV, and it only took two minutes to print my new temporary driver license. And of course I forgot to ask about my real driver license and I remembered as soon as I walked out of the office… And lastly, my car broke down when I was gonna drive to Chad’s after buying some stuff at Target. It seems like it was the battery because it was up and running when Chad got there and helped me jump start it. So very sweet of him to come out there and help me! Who will I call when I’m in Sweden and in trouble? I called my hostdad too and felt a little bad. All these things happen to the car all the time. It can’t be my fault, but I still feel bad, but he was so nice about it and sent me instructions on how to jump start (the battery is in the back of the car) and then met me at the Swedish automobile specialist to leave my car there. Chad followed me there and he drove us to his place after where I did my homework. And then he drove me home again before we both accidently fell asleep.

I feel much better about everything now. My only concern is the doublecharge. I have to call them tomorrow again and tell them I never got my money back and ask for a refund. Hope they are as nice tomorrow as they were yesterday. It’s really bad I never remember the names of those service people…

Since I won’t have a car tomorrow morning I am hoping that me and the boy can take a walk to his school. I feel like walking, so I hope he won’t protest as much as he did last time my car was at the car service…

There was one good thing about the three hours at the DMV. I got a lot of time reading. I almost finished I am Number Four. Now I have 5 pages left and it was a really good book! Next up is The Power of Six.

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