9 months

Here we are again, another month passed and one less before I’m in Sweden again. Time, why are you running away from me? But I am enjoying myself to the fullest so I don’t think I will have any regrets.

This morning started in the worst possible way. My alarm didn’t go off, the kids were outside my door whispering my name. Like that would wake me up? I had braids in my hair so I had to take them out quickly before I could show myself outside my bedroom, and I had to put on clothes. I made lunch and breakfast super quickly just to find out like three minutes later that my hostdad would drive the girl to school which gave me an hour extra at home. I watched Oscar’s Oasis on the iPad with the boy until we had to leave for his school.

When I got back home I got a notification from my Swedish bank on my phone telling me there was a transaction from it. $700 from Hawaiian Airlines. Great, the morning just got better. Hawaiian Airlines made a double charge, both on Friday and today. So before I did what I was supposed to do today, I called Orbitz, from where I bought the tickets and asked them what was wrong. They said they couldn’t find two transactions. Awesome… They also said that since the money charged weren’t connected to a flight I should get the money back automatically today or tomorrow. They apologized for the inconvenience and told me to call them again tomorrow if I still didn’t get my money so they could give me a refund.

After that I called the DMV to ask about my driver license. They said I have to go to a DMV office and ask for a new temporary driver license. How could I know that when they sent me the last one? So that means I can’t go to UCSD tomorrow either, but I have to go to that stupid DMV office again, where they have so long lines… They guy on the phone also gave me a number to call if I wanted to check the status of my real driver license, but that number didn’t work so I’m gonna ask them at the DMV office tomorrow if they know something. The guy on the phone told me it could take up to 6 months, which it has been pretty soon. But for him it took 3 temporary driver licenses before he could get his plastic card. So maybe this is normal. Complicated California!

Then I read some and picked up the kids from school. As usual it was stressful after but we made it to the boy’s soccer practice on time. I’m more than halfway done already, I should have read more if it weren’t for those two phone calls I had to make this morning. Before both of them there was a long line too…

When I got up this morning and were gonna use the kitchen sink for the first time today I noticed that it was a new one. When I tried to switch it on I just lightly touched it and it started pouring water out of it. I didn’t give it much thought, but then the girl told me that the whole thing was touch sensitive, so you can just lightly touch it wherever and it will start. Pretty cool!

My German class today was a little bit harder, but not by much. It was about descriptive words, so next week’s Hausaufgabe is to do some exercises in the book and write a descriptive text about yourself. Shouldn’t be too hard. After class one of the girls came up to me and complemented me on my pronunciation. I know it is awful, but that made me really glad, and when I told her I was part German after she asked me if I was, she told me I looked German too, and she is not the first one to say that, haha. The grammar is really hard, but I’m not a quitter, I will continue :).

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