Today I finished the fourth and last book in The Inheritance Cycle about Eragon. I hate when a good book has to end, and it is hard choosing the next one to read because I’m not sure it will be as good. Everyone keeps telling me that The Hunger Games are pretty awesome so I guess I will be fine. I was hoping to finish the Narnia series first though, but the last two books don’t work in my eReader… Guess I will have to read them when I’m back in Sweden again.

Other things that happened today was that we went to the movies in the morning again. Today we saw Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. And in the afternoon we went to Starbucks for the first time in ages.

I’ve also started with my exchange program application. I know I’m early, the deadline is December 1st, but I feel like I need the time to get everything right. First of all I have to decide if I want to move to San Luis Obispo, CA or Chicago, IL (at the moment Chicago sounds more attractive), and I have to write a motivation letter to why I want to be an exchange student in the US, and then I have to find the classes I want to take and make sure I can be credited for them at Chalmers. Much work! So a little at a time until I get there is probably a very good idea. Otherwise I won’t be getting so much sleep in the end of November…

I don’t know if I’ve written this before but I’ve decided what my second and last class during my au pair year will be, German. The Sustainability course isn’t available this semester and there is nothing else I would like to take. And since I’ce decided I want to learn German, I might as well start right away!

Now I will watch the season premiere of True Blood. I totally forgot that that show started again in June! Hello blood, sex and violence!

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