Happy 7th Birthday

The boy’s birthday was today and I’m glad I was feeling a lot better so I could do stuff with the kids today without feeling almost-dead afterward. This day started with breakfast in bed for the boy, he opened his presents and ate his big cupcake. He got some customized army lego stuff, a Star Wars lego set, some Skylanders figures (it’s a Wii game), hmm, don’t remember what else except a mini soccer ball from me. He got really excited about it, probably because he loved the one he lost the day after he got it.

After that we went to the movies and saw Yogi Bear for $1 each. Tomorrow we will see Journey 2: the Mysterious Island. These summer kids movies are awesome. Too bad we missed the best ones in the beginning of the summer when the kids were in Sweden.

The car needed cleaning again, so we spent half an hour washing it in the driveway, now it’s all shiny again. I even vacuumed inside the car!

In the late afternoon I let the kids play with their new characters in Skylanders and they seemed to really enjoy that.

For dinner we had breakfast according to the boy’s birthday wishes. The grownups had omelette and the kids had muffins. Weird, but yummy! Dessert was a delicious meringue cake!

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