Potato Chip Rock again

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

After my second hiking trip up Mt Woodson Trail to the Potato Chip Rock I’m barely alive. I definitely had better clothes on today, shorts and very comfy sandals. But it was horrible anyway. It started with a blister on top my left foot under the leather strip. I tried putting on a band-aid but in 90F it fell off pretty soon thereafter. But as soon as the broken blister got full of sand it stopped hurting so it was okay. But when we were like 50m away from our goal I felt another blister break on my right foot and I couldn’t walk in my sandals at all so I actually went barefoot for a while but the sand was too hot so I bit my tongue and kept going anyway.

On our way up we stopped a lot of times and took a ‘fika’ consisting of water melon, Singoalla and graham crackers. We got new energy but it soon disappeared again. I didn’t have as much trouble with the heat as mom and Moa had. I actually really enjoyed it almost all the way up tp the top. But then it just went downwards… First the blisters and then my balance decided to give up and I stumbled on a rock and almost faceplanted. Fortunately I saved myself with my hands so I didn’t hit the face in the ground but my left leg is all messed up and it started bleeding from the knee. Now I can’t bend it properly and it stings like I don’t know. I think there is a lot of sand in there still, but I couldn’t get it out in the shower.

Almost at the bottom again, after nearly 6 hours, it started burning under our (at least mine and moms) feet. So I don’t think it matters if you have Converse, sandals or comfy tennis shoes, it still hurts after an 8 mile long hike up in the mountains.

Mom got pretty hurt as well, but in her ribs. When she was climbing down from the rock she needed help but she hit the ribs right into a rock and have some serious trouble walking now. I feel sorry for her and hope it will be better soon!

After the hike we all three went to my house, took showers and then me and Moa went grocery shopping for the bbq tonight. We bought a piece of marinated beef, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and corn cobs. The dinner was delicious and for dessert we had bananas with chocolate and vanilla ice cream which was way better than expected because we found chocolate that tastes almost exactly like Marabou!! I’m not sure if that is such a great thing though to be honest ;). It was me, mom, Moa, Kristel and Jessica and we had an awesome evening with really good food!

Yesterday we spent at Las Americans Premium outlet mall. We saw the Mexican border, a Swedish family (and I think we’ve seen and heard Swedish people almost every day since mom got here. It really is vacation times now. I just bought a $10 tank top from Levi’s and a tiny soccer ball to the boy. His birthday is coming up (in a month) and I think that would be a good b-day gift for him since he loves soccer.

After the shopping I wanted to show her Coronado Beach but that was a really bad idea. It was windy like crazy and instead of having a nice afternoon at the beach we got sand everywhere. It was sad because that beach is usually very pretty.

We drove home and then had dinner at Famous Dave’s. I love that restaurant, the food is amazingly good! We shared a ‘Feast for Two’ and now we have so much leftovers in the fridge I can’t believe it. That plate was like four dinners. Don’t know when we are gonna have time to eat it since we are leaving for Los Angeles and Las Vegas tomorrow.

I’m gonna bring my computer but I’m not sure how often I will be able to update the blog during the trip. If I don’t have access to Internet I will post everything when I get back to San Diego next Friday!

Good night!

Mexico The Mexican border at Las Americas outlet mall.Planes disturbing the beach... Another disturbing thing at the beach yesterday was these planes circling above us. There also were like 7 helicopters. I think it might have been a drill of some sort.Lake Poway  Lake PowayPotato Chip Rock Mom on Potato Chip Rock.Mt Woodson Trail Dirt and wounds It doesn’t look like much but it really hurts and I have a really big and long graze under the bleeding on the knee. Stupid mountain :(.
All of us were covered in dirt after and my shoes completely changed color from black to brown.Dirt

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