This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

This day was amazing! I love animals and I love sea animals more. SeaWorld was definitely a place for me. We came there at 11am, left at 8pm and saw everything. We didn’t go on any ride except the Skytower but we saw all the shows and after this day I’ve changed my mind again about what I want to be when I grow up, a Sea World trainer! They must have so much fun at work.

Long line for tickets When I was going to buy my Funcard (rest of the year for free) the line was at least 45 minutes long…Armadillo They had some land animals too, like this armadillo.Pets Rule show There was a show with trained animals, so adorable!Pets Rule show Blue Horizon show The show Blue Horizon included bottlenosed dolphins and pilot whales. The dolphins were jumping super high and soaked everyone in the Soaked Zone. I love dolphins!Blue Horizon show The dolphin is not lying on the bridge, he is jumping from the water…Blue Horizon show Blue Horizon show (pilot whale) Pilot whales jumping.Blue Horizon show I want to learn how to surf like this!Blue Horizon show Blue Horizon show Blue Horizon show “Goodbye and thanks for watching!”Beluga whale Beluga whale.Beluga whale Polar bear Walrus A humungus walrus!Penguin Penguins that live in warm climate. Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures of the emperor penguins. It was too dark in the exhibit, but they were really cool!Puffins Two types of puffin birds.Sea turtles Sea turtle Sea turtle and me Some kind of shark Some type of shark.Hammerhead shark A tiny hammerhead shark.Nurse shark Nurse shark.Sea lion Sea lions at Sea World and in the wild sunbathe in the exact same position.Eating sea lion You could feed the sea lions if you bought fish and this guy was waiting for a very long time for someone to buy food and throw in his mouth.Sea Lions LIVE show This show was amazing, Sea Lions LIVE! First it was a SLSI (CSI) where the sea lion was a crime investigator catching “the otter guy”.Sea Lions LIVE show Sea Lions LIVE show This guys name was Seamore and first he had the ball on his nose, then he jumped in the water, swam with the ball still on his nose and then jumped over a bar, still with the ball on his nose!! How can you train an animal to do that? And how can he do that??Sea Lions LIVE show Sea Lions LIVE show Sea Lions LIVE show Sea Lions LIVE show Dancing with the sea lions was another sketch.Sea Lions LIVE show (gangnam style) And of course they did the Gangnam Style dance. That was just too funny!!One Ocean show The show One Ocean with the famous killer whale Shamu and his 5 friends (this isn’t Shamu, he has a bent fin).One Ocean show They are big, and they jumped pretty high! So amazing!One Ocean show One Ocean show One Ocean show One Ocean show People in the soaking zone were soaked. It looked like they had taken a shower with their clothes on. We didn’t sit in the soaking zone, it was a bit too cold and mom had her fancy camera.One Ocean show In February this year one of the killer whales got a baby. They were swimming in a pool next door.One Ocean show Here’s Shamu, and I can’t help but to think of the movie Free Willy where the killer whale also had a bent fin. Is she unhappy?Skytower The Skytower looked like the Lisebergstower in Gothenburg in the winter.Turtle/pig A very funny turtle. Don’t remember the name but he looks like a pig.Black Nemo Black Nemos.Normal Nemo

It was a really awesome day and the next time I’ll go, I’m gonna swim with the dolphins :).

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