I feel like a little girl! I met my mom for the first time in 163 days (5 months and 12 days) and even though I know she is asleep in my bed downstairs I still find it hard to believe. And it is so weird seeing her here, my “old” life mixing together with my new one. When I was driving off the freeway at exit La Costa Avenue and she was there beside me, oh my god it was weird. But I’m so happy. I want to show her everything at once, all the pretty clothes I’ve bought, my souvenirs so far, I want to show her a lot of places and tell her all about my new life here. I want to introduce her to my new friends and all the beaches. I really feel like a little girl again and I love that! I’ve missed her so much and these three weeks are gonna go by so fast, and I can’t wait for all the fun things we are going to do and see!

The fun begins tomorrow with a pedicure after a long good night of sleep. After that, and if we have time I might show her the pool and then we are gonna have an early dinner in San Diego and then watch a baseball game!

My day was awesome. It started at the gym with Moa and I got a lot of free help from my PT since he thought I had another session after the last. He is so nice! Then we took her car and drove to Ponto Beach where we spent the rest of the day. It was a wonderful day, blue sky, a cool sea breeze and around 75F. We went in the water and it was as much fun as Sunday. But before too long we saw seagulls picking in Moa’s bag eating her crackers so we had to rush up and scare them away. We both were super tired after the gym so I just played one game of beach volleyball (really badly too) but I was a personal coach for Moa and taught her the basic of a bagger and finger set. She is gonna go far this year ;).

I am super tired now, but at the same time too excited to go to sleep. So I think I will just stay here in bed watching a movie and eating Swedish candy!

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