Last day of work…

…but not forever, just for a month.  The Big goodbye isn’t schedule for another seven months, luckily. I just said goodbye to the kids and even if I knew it was only for a month they almost made me feel like it was forever. So many hugs, kisses and I-love-you’s. It’s gonna be so weird not being with them for so long and I’m gonna miss them so much! But I’m not gonna lie, it’s also gonna be very nice with some vacation. I haven’t had more than two weeks in a row for at least two years! And the au pair job is harder than it looks.

Today was a really long day, twelve hours of work but it included a lot of variation so that was nice. It started with a little shopping for the girl, she wanted to buy a pair of Converse and we found a very cute dark blue pair at the outlet mall. After that a trip to the library to return all the books we borrowed last week. Then I drove the girl to a playdate and me and the boy were outside in the afternoon. He was playing with the kid next door. And later in the afternoon he went to a short playdate with his best friend. Soon thereafter I had to pick up the girl and her friend from soccer practice, drive the friend home, pick up the boy and then drive home.

Now I am so tired and will go to bed right away!

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